Boundless now self published on Steam

As one of the edge cases whose views are only sometimes/barely tolerated by “the community”…

Thank you for your support.


I’m honestly not all over the web forum hopping any more, but I’ve used a couple of those, phpbb, vanilla, vbulletin, this discourse.

It’s possible that discourse could be used more constructively for this kind of community, but I’m not sure. And the reason I sneer so heavily at it, semantically is because of things I’ve read about it and the philosophy put out by it’s development team is something that turns me off.

Everyone can’t be right, all the time. “The community will handle it” management systems designed to be passive-aggressive behaviors and building a system that “people want to engage with” is proving more and more frequently to be a social disaster, as anything that blindly encourages “engagement” soon winnows out the fact that very few people engage in measurable ways with happy, light hearted content, or dry information, compared to the level to which people will engage with conflict.

Meantime honestly the number one thing that actually brings people to this forum, it seems, is a quest for information about the game. And that is incredibly hard to find if you’re not familiar with certain keywords, etc… because the search function is somewhat overwhelmed with, ahh, “engaging” content :rofl:

So I don’t honestly know how much more they (wonderstuck) could have done to make this forum a more effective source of collective wisdom with discourse though. All this time down the road I hardly think about it any more.

Except whenever someone has to ask a question that should be pinned to the top of a “mining” subforum. Or whatever … :thinking:

EDIT: lol i got sidetracked but I’ve used simple machines too, from the photo, and xenforo at a forum I haven’t visited in a while. I went and checked because I thought that was it and it also got pretty messed up there for a while. That site wasn’t focused on a single task or activity though, it was social to begin with.

I don’t always pay attention when I’m just hopping in and out of random sites searching for topical info on google or following links. I think invision is built more for business stuff, I have no idea how it would work here.

Out of the box I know that phpbb, smf, vbulletin, and probably even vanilla would have encouraged a more appropriate (useful) setup.

Just IMO, of course.


I’m not sure forums are the right place to collect knowledge. That’s called a wiki. Forums are for discussions.

I guess the lack of lasting sticky posts is a problem, though.


That may be fair. Having used forums a lot, for a while before a wiki was ever assembled and named, I do know that they can be effective tools for hobby and game focused communities, among other activities.

As I did try to note though, I’m not 100% sure how much of that is just the ‘local’ setup as I I never ran a discourse install, as I did some of the older ones there. This forum doesn’t even have the appropriate categories configured.

So there’s that.

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Gotta agree, there. If this forum was shut-down and replaced with a Discord channel, it would work just as well, in the current state of things.
I find it heart-breaking to see people who are still writing posts like “what update would you guys like to see” or “here are some suggestions!”, as if anything was going to happen on that front in the near future… like, guys, take a god damn hint, it’s not happening (for now).

BUT if development gets back on track (dare to dream), the forum could find its use once again.

I’ve owned like 6 or 7 phpBB forums over the past 20 years, lots of WoW guild forums that I hosted for friends guilds, making custom colored themes for free, codding side-panels with features like countdowns to expansion/update releases, guild’s epic-loot historic using the official API, shortcuts to the most useful permanent-threads. Lots of BBCodes with all the class colors, loot colors, official-Blizzard quotes. Since our guild was heavily oriented towards roleplay, we even had a forum background changing depending on which forum category you were in. That was a pretty god damn great time to be a WoW player for me, then. < sigh >
Also forums about my own projects. Still have all the folders with everything from back then.

But yeah, phpBB kinda turned to cr@p for me. At one point, it became an update race between bot-makers using flaws in the code and the devs trying patching these flaws… (and patching was a hassle with a heavily modded forum), while Discord filled pretty much all the functions with no need to manually update anything.
Though, if I wanted a new forum for debates (and I kinda do), I think I’d go with Discourse, simply because of this forum, which uses a lot of the same formatting as Discord, making a transition quite easy.


Now that I have a computer able to run local universe, I’ve been experimenting with it. One thing I’ve found is that while you can generate a sovereign, you can’t use the world control to change the colors.

I’ve also done the 3 standard worlds. I had to delete one as it was about 80% lava (not my thing). I wish there was more control over what kind of planet is generated. I think my next world to try to generate will be an exo. We’ll see…


Your can do pretty much wathever you want on how to generate a planet.

It’s not userfriendly thought atm. You can create custom profiles.

Can you do that without the world generator edity thing only backers have and/or editing JSON?

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dang james i understand now making games is expensive we atleast need 1000 billion dollars for bound cause to make this it costs 10 billion one positive you can do work for your boss there euhmmm nvm lolz

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it takes a very special kind of rich idiot to invest Billions of USD into a game, and come out with something that is about the same as the Nintendo’s Mii

The Metaverse is a joke, and an very costly one at that.




look on the good side hes making game builders rich that then can focus on there personal ideas

I’m beginning to think that the “news” @james said was exciting and coming is actually just the return of the birthday event and there are no other plans for this game.


idk, that isn’t “Boundless’ future”, and I don’t think James has been deliberately misleading in the past. IMO, his track record is failure to follow through, not misrepresenting plans.


That’s fair and I hope you’re right.


Is everyone still crying in the corner in this thread? I saw tears dripping out of here on the main page :joy:





It’s misleading to show protectors, guardian’s, titans, and ancient ruins as content but fail to follow through at all. My source:

I made a deliberate separation of “deliberate misleading” from “failure to follow through”. As far as any tangible evidence shows, they had every intention to release all of that content, they just failed. It wasn’t all a ruse from the beginning.

The one and only exception I’m aware of being the trailer that shows unreleased mobs and no “coming soon” disclaimer.