Boundless on Mac/Steam controller stuff

So I’m new to steam and have avoided it because I can’t figure out how to use a controller with the game. I have a nimbus. Does anyone know where to find an easy here’s how to use a controller with boundless on Steam? I mean, I fine with ps4 but I really want to do the creative mode thing… Anyways, thanks.

I use a steam controller. Are you having trouble hooking your controller up? Or just not sure about the controls?

Pretty sure you can use a PS4 controller on a Mac via usb

When I go into boundless on steam only have keyboard mouse and even those aren’t registering.

Well those at least should work, there’s a bunch of ppl who play on Mac.

Sort of off topic but if the only reason you wanted to transfer to Mac was creative mode then no rush as creative mode still hasn’t made it to the Mac version :persevere:

I play on Mac, I use an xbox 360 controller and never had to set it up, I just plugged it in and played.

On another note I will say I found Boundless performance on Mac to be generally terrible, I ended up using bootcamp to install windows 10 on my Mac and performance went through the roof

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I use a PS4 controller on Mac and to get the controller to work you need to be in steam’s big picture mode then map the button layout yourself. The default layouts don’t work very well with all the menus so you’ll need to make a bunch of layers. Kind of a pita, really but it works. Hope this helps.

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