Boundless Price (Steam vs Square Enix)

This is NOT a post about the specific price of Boundless, just about the difference in price.

On Steam it costs 32.99 (GBP), Deluxe Version being 49.66

On the Square Enix store, where you get a steam key, it costs 41.99, Deluxe Version being 49.99

So my questions are:

  1. Is there meant to be differences in price on Steam vs SE Store, and if so, howcome?
  2. Why the big difference?


Square Enix needs the extra cash to complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


You ask and you shall receive the answer :joy:

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Whatever it takes, that beauty must come to it’s people! Haha


Couldn’t agree more, we waited long enough after the ps3 teaser. I do believe this and the res evil 3 remake are the only games that will take me away from boundless

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The reason I bring this up is because maybe the higher price on the SE Store might deter someone who would otherwise pay for it on Steam at the lower price. But see it on steam AFTER they’ve seen it on Square Enix and just dismiss it as ‘too expensive’ and not even look at the price on steam?

Didnt know it was on SquareEnix store.

I see your point, but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about if the pricing doesn’t always match. (It shows as $39.99 on the SE store & on Steam for me.)

I buy a lot of games & prices rarely match in all locations. I waited to buy NMS on steam until it was on sale - and I got an extra XX% off discount at the greenmangaming site.

Yeh I usually think the same but as Square E is the official place to buy it after Steam I thought it could just be a mistake :slight_smile: