Boundless Review - Read Before You Buy

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That’s crazy since it’s actually as good as an axe, hammer and shovel all rolled into one!

I use one un-forged and 1 hit any block in sight on T1/T2… ideal for building on my home planet!

So yes, it IS actually good for something!

And as for the age old p2w discussion, there are ways that real life money can help you achieve certain things easier than without. One is of course getting enough plots to make the settlement you want OR to preserve or block resources. Other option is that you can buy cubits and then spend them on skill reset points, especially early game that USED to be mighty handy, now until level 20 you can keep switching skills for free. But even after level 20 it comes in handy so, so much if you can just throw some cash at it instead of waiting until you levelled again.

There’s no winning in a game such as this but the term has become to mean more any leg up you can buy with money, no matter if there is no winning in a game…

To deny these aren’t like that is silly.

Not saying it’s a really big issue tho, but denying there’s nothing like it is incorrect…


And perhaps the fact that skill reset tokens and plots can give you an advantage, but hey, let’s just forget those!

Look, I adore the game, I have no issues with how it does these things but to flat out deny they exist is crazy…


i can see the game being P2W for plots while yes you still need to farm things in order to build anything on it that des not stop you form plotting out all the land and locking out prime spots form lower level players no different then paying a level 110 token in WoW or a gun that you would normally have to grind to unlock to give you a advantage over other players.

also gleam club in its own rights is starting to move more towards it too with the fact you can pay to never have your plots expire and to be able to join a guild when its already full to get all the buff benefits


I mean, you are not wrong. I guess it depends on what you feel ‘P2W’ is. This game is so benign in its cash shop transactions that I personally don’t see any of those things you mentioned as any sort of advantage.

I guess you could call plots an advantage, but if you skill up 10 alts that’s 2-3k plots. II don’t see plots as an advantage though. They’re a fantastic luxury by no doubt, but I don’t see how it gives one an advantage over others.

Again, I suppose there is an argument there if you are all in on the prestige ladder, but I look as prestige as a silly mechanic, reminiscent of mobile games and their silly ladders so I don’t view it as much at all; but others probably due so for that mechanic then i could see a point being made of it being an advantage.


Many people instantly insult a game is P2W whenever it has microtransactions … even some “lootbox” look-like feature (even its not loot boxes) also being insulted as so…

but, will I WIN if I have bigger plotted area than yours ? ROFL


I mean, for a game to be pay to win, there needs to be an established “win” condition.

How does one “win” at boundless? Having the most money? Having the biggest build?


My 20 year long term goals is to plot an entire planet. That’s when I’ve won the game :ok_hand:


If it weren’t for the P2W blurb and the obnoxious ads on that site, I’d Tweet this review. Have a few followers who are very interested in Boundless and I think they just need a little more info from sources other than myself, and this review, other than that, is quite good and detailed. Anybody knows a similarly deep review they’d recommend, feel free to shoot it my way, thanks!


i agree about the ads’s but good luck on the p2w part just did a google search for reviews and the first 5 i found ether called the cash shop P2W or just blasted the devs for treating it like a phone game.

edit: this comment i found in a review for the game kind of sacres me cuz i never thinked of the cash shop like this

" The tutorial has you opening “loot boxes” for experience and cubits half a dozen times in the tutorial (Click the box, box animates itself, box opens, box rewards come out, box rewards fly to their currency wallets). The tutorial has you opening the store more than half a dozen times. The store UI is explicitly and brilliantly designed so that it (the shop) is an utterly seemless part of the game. The core game loop is designed such that you WILL completely NEED to visit the store to do even basic things (expand your ability to claim more land, or come back for respecs). Future objectives and “quest” rewards are set up so that when they do deliver rewards they are in the form of the EXP/Cubit loot box, in the store.

This is an explicitly high effort design to make the game store a fundamental aspect of gameplay. Sure right now it’s pretty darn friendly, but one does not design a system to have it not be used. Someone does not just “Hold out their hand for a tip”, and expect to go untipped.

TBH I’m actually a little bit of a fan of the game (right up my ally for crafting), but I’m wary with actually bothering to play because of how much effort was put into the shop . Because you know it’s going to get worse, since F2P shops always get worse as time goes on."


That review is completely wrong though. The cubit exchange is completely separate from the cash shop. The reward containers are not loot boxes - and I was griping about loot boxes on boards online long before it became the thing to do, so I would not let them slide without comment on this if it WERE the case, as I don’t hesitate to comment on these practices with other games, even ones I love like ESO. But these are not loot boxes at all - loot boxes, in the sense most talk of them, are payments of real currency for a selection of randomized rewards. It is a cheap psychological trick, and should be called out. But there is none of that going on here - the Exchange uses an in-game currency for SET rewards. The cash shop is also only for set things, there is no randomization. Putting the stuff in boxes is simply gift-wrapping, nothing more. Reviews like this are completely unfair. :frowning:


I just wish the boxes you earn through normal play didn’t look exactly like the ones you need to pay for.

On ps4 if I remember correctly, you have to press seperate buttons entirely for the exchange and cash shop. Not sure on PC.
Even so I still very carefully read what I’m doing. Because I mix up buttons and juggle them frequently.

Maybe the ones you pay for should look very ornate, have locks on them, something.

Just make it obviously different at a glance.


Instead of using the term, ‘Pay 2 Win’, I think it is more fitting as stating it, ‘Pay 2 Benefit’.


while true i can see why the person thinks they are the same cubits are “premium currency” so when you have 2 parts of a shop one for buying them and one for useing them its easy to see them has the same and with fact that boundless thows it in your face like a phone game right out of the starting gate


Depending on when that review was written, this changed in an update. At first the cash shop was part of the tutorial. I believe now it’s completely separate with a warning that pops up the first time you go into the cash shop


They are not different parts of the shop though, they are different places entirely. The game never rubs the cash shop in your face, at least not in the time I’ve played, I don’t remember the cash shop being in the tutorial, so I must have come in after that, or it was little enough that I forgot it. The microtransactions are unobtrusive, and most importantly, you can earn all the stuff except the GC benefits (which are well worth the price and are not P2W) easily through normal play. As mentioned, it even warns you when you go in the cash shop. Boundless does this stuff right, IMO - they do need to keep in business after all, some way to earn money besides the sale of the game. They never get to or cross the line there - no randomized rewards for real currency and/or P2W mechanics.

Compare to the game I mentioned before, ESO, where you have the crown store constantly rubbed in your face, randomized loot containers that they throw at you occasionally to tempt you to buy more, houses that cost more than the game… nah, this is nothing like that stuff.

Problem is, inaccurate and toxic stuff like that review can really hurt a game, especially a smaller one like this. Gamers get in a huff about something, maybe something they’ve got entirely wrong, it goes viral and people pile on, and the mob scares away the people who would really love the game if they gave it a fair chance.


Real life money can give you advantages in Boundless, regardless how you want to call it.

Introducing new acronyms instead of re-using P2W seems unnecessary but yet some people really would love yet another one!

Let’s call it PFA from now on! Pay For (an) Advantage!


That’s not what “Pay to Win” means. The name is just shorthand.

Pay to Win is whenever you can spend real world money to get an in-game advantage, no matter how small.

Edit: For example, Fallout 76 recently introduced some sort of repair box, that you can buy with real world money, that will let you repair any item to 100% without the need for any mats.

Despite the fact that you can’t really “win” in F76, that’s still P2W.


…that cannot be gained through normal gameplay in a reasonable amount of time.


No. It’s still P2W if you can get it in game. All that matters is that you can pay to get an edge, no matter how slight. (In your example, you are paying to reduce gameplay time.)

Buying cubits=P2W
Gleam Club=P2W
Wayfarer’s totem and the fists=P2W

Also, being P2W doesn’t automatically make it a negative.


I believe @MinerDiggerMan was adding onto your quote, not disputing it.

(Correct me if I’m wrong)