Boundless Review - Read Before You Buy

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Yes, but I disagreed with his add. :grinning:


Touche! :rofl:



That’s pay to progress faster*.

There is only one definition of pay to win and it came about in prominence with the Korean type mmos where you could literally buy items that were stronger than anything achievable in game.

You can try to overwrite the past with your own definition but itd be wrong.

Xp boosts. Level jumps. Inventory expansion. All forms of p2progress faster*

Sword of 100000000dmg is p2w


Lol, you can say whatever you want, it doesn’t make it true.

Maybe it used to be that way, it’s not anymore.

The modern definition of P2W is “Pay for Advantage.”

I don’t care if you are paying one-dollar for the “Uber Sword of Crushing” or $100 in the real world for a single coin in game, it’s all P2W, just to lesser or greater degrees.

It doesn’t matter if the store item takes ten hours to get in game or one minute, if you can buy it in the store, it’s P2W.

There is no other definition anymore.


Such a blanket statement seems like it would make almost every game P2W, heck I could buy a second copy of pokemon red to trade myself a second starter pokemon or something so I’ve used real money to get an advantage.


You mean that’s not the normal?! :open_mouth:


Not unless the second game is DLC…

Pretty much, if it’s not cosmetic, it’s P2W in one way or another…with exceptions, of course. Someone always has an exception.

EDIT: Maps. New maps for shooters are not P2W. And, of course, full DLC are not P2W

Like I said earlier, just because it’s P2W, that doesn’t mean it’s inherently negative or predatory.

Gleam Club is clearly P2W…I don’t see anyone complaining about it. It’s all about implementation.


P2W carries a negative connotation. Saying it is P2W shows a lesser opinion of the game. But the truth is most games these days have additional content to buy. The real question is is it predatory or abusive? And Gleam Club is brought up again… maybe look at it like some of us are paying our monthly subscription to keep the servers up. WoW is $10 a month right? Final Fantasy was $14 a month when I looked in to it.


This is exactly how I look at it and precisely why I will always have Gleam Club active as long as I am playing this game. The fact that it is completely optional and provides benefits is just an added blessing.


A subscription is not P2W. You are not playing with non-subscribed players.

Besides, most MMOs are highly P2W. Every time you pay for a new character slot in an MMO or a new sword in AC:O, that’s P2W.

And you’re right. People tend to think of the negative connotation. But calling a rake a shovel doesn’t mean you can dig a hole with it.


I’ll take the gleam club membership fee over the FFXIV subscription any day…


BTW, I buy Gleam Club.


Use the handle! :smiley:

Sorry, had to be a smartass and I got very inventive as a kid.


I was waiting for something like that. :joy:


Lol a rake is just a shovel with teeth.


Take a long time though. Need to buy the shovel dlc.


Not if you buy Rake Club.


I got the gold preorder rake.


See, this is why ppl get kids to do things like this. You just load em up with Kool-Aid or sunny d. Then tell them you need a hole dug.
They will grab the nearest tool, regardless what it is, and dig the bestest hole to China ever in record time.
Then get told to fill it in because it only needed to be 6inches deep for flower bulbs.

Aaah… Gardening with Grandma. Terraforming is an art now. :grin:


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