Boundless Review - Read Before You Buy

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Did you pay for all those emoticons?

I’m only asking because I think you just won this thread.


I’m trying to determine if they tried to respond legitimately and something went wrong or if its spam lmao


Haha! Just seeing this. Must’ve happened in my pocket. I’m at work was looking at the forum on a break. I work in a kitchen lol!


Yet nothing’s been said about alts being p2w. Wonder if that’s cause y’all use alts :thinking:


and thats a massive flaw with the game the fact that someting so basic in a MMO like alts can be even consider p2w cuz that too is part of the cash shop


Laughing pretty hard at the notion that alts and Early Backer rewards are P2W.


my self im not saying alts are necessarily p2w more the fact that you shod not have to pay $$$ to unlock them when it comes down to it the only thing you can do in boundless for free is hunting eveything else has a price tag attached to it


This made me lol :joy:

I think there’s some things that are Pay For Convenience in Boundless like buying Cubits when you can already earn them in game.

Nothing really blatantly P2W as I consider it. A case can be made for the unique craftables from certain reward tiers but you can always buy those on the market too.


only gleam club “has” to be payed for, everything else is atainable easily in game.


I only said alts because people are saying plots are p2w. You buy alts the same way so it would also need to fall in the same category. I don’t think anything about this game is p2w


Plots aren’t P2W either. These people saying these things, to put it very bluntly, are delusional.

There are just a lot of people who just think all cash shops and micro transactions are P2W because of the small amount of games they played that they really liked had that kind of experience.


But it’s not part of the cash shop. Neither is plots. Those are part of the cubits shop. Which can be earned in game. That’s my point. They aren’t in the cash shop. Neither one of them. Sure cubits are but again those are easily earned in game.


I was really scared when I first did the tutorial and it asked me to claim the rewards. It was so lootboxy, the different sizes of plot chests etc. So I can relate to that part. The presentation was the problem, claiming a quest reward from an NPC in wow is essentially the same and nobody has a problem with that.

Thousand+ plots aren’t easily attainable without paying, but I don’t think we’d see that as a problem if they weren’t being also sold for money. Also since they’re using the same currency as cosmetics means that I’ll probably never justify buying cubits to get cosmetics, there’s always that voice in my head “You could get X plots with that instead, do you really want to throw those plots away and get that unicorn horn? Thought so…”. But maybe it’s just me.

@FireAngelDth Anything that can be bought with cubits = the cash shop. Cubits are the premium currency. That makes 80% of the exchange a cash shop, that’s probably what the one reviewer meant that the tutorial always tells you to open the cash shop.


I personally wouldn’t call it a premium currency when it’s so very easily attainable. Premium currency is not meant to be easily attainable in games. Sure I have spent money on cubits so I could get more plots. But I know people with less hours or roughly the same amount of hours than me in game(1300+) that have thousands more plots than I do and they didn’t spend a dime of real money. Please point out a game with actual premium currency that makes it as easy as just a level up to get it and also makes it easy to level up.

I also think you forget how many people used crafting tables and rock. Even with the pie change and xp change I’m sure there’s still plenty of people using that method to gain levels.


First off, I adore the game like I said and have absolutely zero isues how stuff like this is implemented.

But when I started I couldn’t freely reset skill points, I had to use skill reset tokens. Without spending actual money on cubits I would not have been able to do what I did back then since it would’ve severely limited what I could do. And even now after level 20 I still feel it is beneficial to players to be able to reset skills so they can do more different things early on.

Then with plotting, if you planned to have a nice settlement but don’t have enough plots yet and you see someone else coming closer and closer with massive amounts of plots you are tempted to start spending real money to protect your expansion plans.

To deny these situations aren’t clear examples of giving a leg up to people who don’t have to worry if they can buy all the groceries they need next week are absolutely crazy to me…

Sooo, again, I adore the game and have spend a lot more on it than I probably should, haha, who needs food anyway!


Sure, it’s less premium than what other games are doing. But it’s still the currency that’s bought with rl money and it’s the currency that’s used in the cosmetics shop. It can’t even be bought with in-game coin as easily as in other games, I could argue that makes it more premium than some games :smiley: The acquisition method (levels instead of game currency) doesn’t matter that much. They’re just balancing the gain speed with xp instead of coin.


All you have to do is buy rock and turn that into xp which equals levels which leads to cubits. So I’d argue you can buy them with coin

And with sub value coin now it’s even cheaper to gain levels.


Funny, because I exactly feel the same way about people NOT seeing it like that…

But, I get it, p2w sounds very negative and how Boundless does it isn’t all that negative to me and apparently to people like you either.

Anyway, this is like the 10th thread that evolved into what is p2w and how some don’t see it and others do, then there are some who laugh at you since there’s no winning 'cos they see the ‘w’, etc., etc.

It always ends up the same, we all have our opinions, still doesn’t mean that people who think there are pay 2 ‘whatever’ elements in the game are wrong, delusional or crazy unless they are spouting absolute non-sense as I’ve seen some reviews do who clearly have no idea how the game actually works…


It can’t even be bought with in-game coin as easily as in other games

The key difference is “as easily”, buying rock to turn it to xp is a side effect, not something the devs designed. Most MMO’s have a dedicated UI where you can convert the in-game currency to the premium one.


I can’t see GC as a pay2win, for me it is a convivence and the cost is low so it can’t be seen as something that someone can’t get, or at least I think so.
For one time in the month don’t eat at a fast food, no Wendy’s, Burger King or other. Don’t get a coffee at Starbucks,
Don’t for one time out of a month order out for pizza, or heck, don’t buy some of the lottery tickets for those who do so, you aren’t going to win anyhow. If I had to run around and fill all the beacons I have on various planets, I wouldn’t be playing the game as it would really limit me. Some outposts are a distance from a portal, especially when the ones that were close by closed and I at times I have had to warp to them and that may cost me, but sometimes I have to.

It would be different if it was 20 bucks that can be hard for some to come up with, but not 5 bucks. And in getting plots, I just can’t see it giving a player a plus, you can create alts and get the plots and then never use them, what would be the difference, how many players have created alts so they can get plots and then just ignore them afterwards? You can’t delete them or you lose the plots they “buy” with the cubits they earned, but if you don’t need the alts it isn’t hurting you by just ignoring it.