Boundless Review - Read Before You Buy

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I’ll just say I disagree with some of what you’re saying.

We need to stop discussing whether or not Boundless has anything P2W or not. It’s becoming more and more of a waste of everyone’s time.


I bought the game to win it lol it works fine I do have advantage over people not buying the game better look into this could be paytowin lol I’m just glad they stopped complaining about play early to win :joy:


Let’s not forget how many of those commenting on here have TWO or THREE accounts? This is something that is hard for developers to controls yet it is pay to win is it not? :joy:


So many perspectives on this. It’s really just like a philosophical rabbit hole. I could see what you’re saying being a disadvantage. Most of this game doesn’t have to be played competitively. Oh wait, gleam bow racing, exo planets… well I guess people who can by skill pages with a swipe of the card DO Have a advantage. :slight_smile:


Not as easy anymore since ya’ll made stone masscraft way worse and made teaching pies doodoo. :cry:

On a side note, exactly how much does a teaching pie give extra exp with 8/8 talents for 44% increase? I swear I get over a level per pie…


Yeah let’s agree to disagree since it’s indeed a waste of time…


especially that we’ve been there already several times

couldn’t believe one review got us running in circles again, repeating the same statements and agreeing to differ :joy:


Yep, probably best if we agree to disagree here on definitions… but I’m still going to throw in my last $.02 (which with another $5 might get you a Starbucks): expanding the definition that broadly bugs me bigtime. There is a world of difference between a few little time-savers and cosmetic stuff, and the games that are relying on addictive psychological ploys. When it all gets conflated, and the internet mob starts then screaming about everything, then it is the smaller indie devs who can really take the brunt of the damage. And the flip side is, the devs who are using the psychological tricks and truly milking the fans will be able to slide more easily if we call everything by the same name.

To compare to another game I like, AC Odyssey, where you can buy a horse that doesn’t take fall damage (I admit I bought that because it looks awesome, the Pegasus), all sorts of unique weapons and armor, MASSIVE time-savers… but making a quick browse through of the reviews for that, the voices griping about that are mostly lost in the crowd. It doesn’t really stick out, seem to be on the negative reviews more complaints about boredom and grind, and overall the reviews are positive. Yet on Boundless, if I hadn’t just impulse-bought off PSN and went and looked at reviews like the one above or ones on Steam, I might have been scared off as the screaming there really jumps out. Honest critiques are one thing, but I see the griping in the Boundless reviews as more of an internet mob piling on.

But that’s just me! :wink: I’ll let this one go now, but had to add in my final bit here.


Anyone interested in rereading previous discussions on p2w topic, why not go back to the beginning?


To me one of the great bonuses is that there is no real story to Boundless. That way each player if they so choose or not can create their own. I haven’t done much with it yet but I’m slowly developing lore for my five Toons and their settlement.


Sorry, I know I said I said my peace, but one more post! :wink: Thanks for posting that - totally reinforces what I was thinking: they need to make some money to keep going, and plan to do so in what I consider a very reasonable and ethical manner. They’re doing this the right way, I wouldn’t be cutting them any slack on getting my two cents and then some (though I’d still love the game of course!) if I didn’t agree with the tactics.

Not sure how much I’d use a private world, but if and when that comes, I’ll buy simply to support. Hey devs, if you’re reading this, you should let us gift stuff to other players the way ESO does: I’d almost certainly be throwing the occasional stuff to other people, at least at some point. Like giving some Gleam Club at someone needing to go away. It could create some begging though, I suppose.

The only thing I’ve really griped about in Boundless is when people wall off big areas of resources, but even then, while in theory it could be done by buying, there are better ways to handle that than not allow the buying, like a CoC change if it were to really get out of hand. Since I’ve complained about that before, I did want to clarify that - giving an alternate route to people who want to focus on simply building huge, epic stuff is a good thing, IMO. I would not want to ever take that away.


It wasn’t directed at you, even thought I might have clicked “reply” to your post by mistake.
Sorry, if I did. I meant it as a general link for everyone.


No, it’s ok, just wanted to reply to that since it was good info! :slight_smile:


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