Boundless roadmap

They said some plants will grow from other sources of light.

Tho this comes down to the other topic at hand unless you read every post and every comment you’re
bound to miss something.

Let’s not forget that the point of the thread isn’t the farming update, though.
The point is that these informations are not in an official thread labelled “the farming update and all you need to know about it”. I guess you gathered these tidbits here and there, where they were written in places that are not convenient to find for all players.
The point is that we could write ourselves a thread about all we know on the farming update thus far, but it’s not our job to do so.
The point is that this kind of info on any upcoming feature should be easy to find.

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You missed my edit. And i found where I got my info in about 30 seconds when I actually decided to look for it. Wasn’t an official thread but was a thread focused on farming.

Yup, and it’s not acceptable that the players have to reunite all these infos themselves.

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Never said it was. But I personally am not really affected by it. I’ve got nothing but time when I’m at work and I’m something of an insomniac so I read 99% of the posts and read all the comments in the posts.

But like I said I never said it was ok or acceptable that people have to read every thread and that there’s not a more solid road map. But some times I do feel that obscure tid bits here and there are nice not to be in an official post. Shows interaction with the community and could be a dev leaking info he or she might not actually supposed to leak.

Edit: please don’t look at the summary on my user page. Kinda shows boundless is my life paired with the 1300+ hours active in game.

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I think that the type of roadmap they have provided in the past – like the image at the top of the thread – is great. It gives us a good idea of what is coming up in the next several months. They sneak in surprises too. All good with me.

Even a modestly more detailed roadmap takes significantly more time away from doing actual development. Priorities change all the time and the simple image roadmap tells us what they’re fairly confident they’ll ship in the coming months, without having to revise it all the time.

It has been a while since the last roadmap though, so it would be nice to see it updated.


i would think a trello text roadmap would be a lot faster then a image one that requires drawing color and editing

The trello (or something similar) would be an investment, but a good one.

I have been burnt yesterday by Jesshyland about how it’s not our place to say what their priorities are or should be.
However I’d say it’s totally legit for us to ask for more transparency from them.

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You can already jump in and play the game with limited features…