Boundless roadmap

This is a suggestion I’ve already somewhat made in other threads, and it’s not something new, but here we go.

The current way updates are presented is in the Announcements section of the forum.
Sometimes, we’ll see pop-out a picture such as the one below :

This lets us know that things are coming. Not necessarily in the order depicted. As we all know, some other things can come out of no-where to be added to the game, like the Chrysominter or the Venerable Gum. They’re good things, no doubt about it, but before they come into testing, we have no info, and that’s a problem!
This above is just a picture : no interactivity, no information conveniently added to it, no idea of when each update might come out.

There’s a LOT of others things in the works, like furniture, clothing, ladders, new playables races, totems, stickers, Titan creatures, rental worlds, parasites hidding in blocks, etc. If any information have filtered about these, they’re lost somewhere deep in this forum, only to be seen by a handful of players.
For the common player, there’s just some (really cool) concept arts in the DevArt section of the forum, with 0 context or explanation, where already released features are chaotically mixed with unreleased ones depending on which one got a comment last. For Pete’s sake, the “First look at The Lance” thread from 2015 is still open!
For all we know, some of these things could be abandonned features, until they spring suddenly into the Announcement section, fully fleshed-out as updates to be tested.

Look at farming. Here’s pretty much what we know about it :

There’s A LOT of unknown about how farming will work.
But this is a building game! So players are already making plans blindly, preparing their bases for this update, as best as they possibly can, trying to make space for water/lava irrigation. How will placeable water behave? How well will it flow? Will we need hundreds of buckets to collect it? I could write up many dozens of questions about farming.

This lack of transparency can lead to some unhealthy behaviors in the community. I myself shamefully fell into that hole yesterday, trying to figure out why some things that have been teased as concept-arts in 2015 weren’t already released. But we can’t know.

All of this could be fixed with a good roadmap.
This has already been suggested, but look at Trello.
When I first started to play the game, I found this trello page made by another player and thought it was an official one. When you google “Boundless roadmap”, it’s the first result that comes up!
Don’t put dates if you can’t, write something else like “Soon”, “Later”. Or “High priority”, “Medium priority”, “Low priority”, “actively being worked on” or “Stand by”.
With such a template, you can write up long in advance the features that the team is working on for all the player-base to see in one convenient place to find.

What sold it to me was how you could write in one page a LOT of features, and you can click on one, which displays a pop-up window which could contain links, concept-arts, context, explanations, etc :

A good roadmap is needed, that is a certainty to me.


yes this! it will also allow for better relying of whats going to be in the update it drives me nuts that you have to make reading the forums a 3ed part time job just to know whats going on i know with the farming update when i was talking to people about plants dieing i was told the devs already covered that in a response on another players thread and was just like in my head

“well i would have only known about that if i read evey post form evey thread”


Same, about farming, I’ve heard yesterday that we’ll be able to make underground farms, but I don’t know where that info came from.


I am Suuuuuper excited about the farming

I hate to do this. but maybe the time has come to do so, Since I have not seen any updates to the roadmap in awhile. And the fact there is so much more that has been mentioned in the past about things that will be added in at some point.

This is how a Roadmap should look like, however I do feel this might be out of the skill level or the time the devs have for such things, which is why I hate comparing something RSI has made to something wonderstruck has made as it is extremely unfair to do so. But the roadmap doses need work, and the basic outline of how RSI’s roadmap works could be scaled down to fit the needs for boundless, The roadmap for RSI is interactive , and keeps everything in one place, not only the future but the past as well.


I can’t believe that prototype got anywhere near the funding it did. It screams money laundering more than anything but I’ll eat crow if they ever release an actual product.

*star citizen just so there is no confusion

And I have NEVER seen a game that has been anywhere near as transparent as they have, And I am without doubt they will release an product, It will take time, and a lot of Progress has been made

But this is not about the drama and speculation around the status of Star Citizen and their dev team, this is about the fact that RSI’s road map is a solid example of how a road map can/should look like

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I invested 500$ in to it a long time ago. My point was that roadmap has bilked (that’s how I personally feel) many from an insane amount of money for product development. I don’t think it’s been truthful, and like I said I’ll eat crow if they ever release an actual product. I’ll have gotten my 500$ worth at least.

I’m just stating that roadmaps are not created equal and what you call ‘transparent ‘ can be viewed in a negative light as well.

That’s all.

So have I, but I do not wish to muddle this thread any more with star citizen related talk,

Only wanted to bring up the topic about the design of the roadmap I linked,

If you or anyone else wish to talk to me more about Star citizen itself, I will be more then happy to do so in discord.


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It would certantly help the game imo if they just explained what they still need to do - they’ve posted dev art of the crops, great! Do they still need to model them, if so, how many?

Are they simply working out final balancing? is it a programming thing there fixing. Modeling? Is there anything else being worked on that might mean less development on farming (such as the hunter?) How long is THAT from being released ect…


The other game aside (I don’t want to discuss it either), you made a point about roadmaps and I responded to it.

I am saying that a ‘clearer’ road map on the part of wonderstruck won’t make things better or worse. If anything it’ll just be an update on what we already have available.

We know where they are headed, people are just impatient, it’s as simple as that.

I like the subnautica roadmap, clear goals, what’s done, what’d being done etc.

So what comes after farming? Something before farming? Cause I have no idea.


But what it can do, is put everything in one place, such that newer players have something that is easy to refer to, and it gives some level of accountability on to the devs, when they put all the mentioned features on to the road map, which everyones eyes will be looking at.

Right now most of them are lost in various dev blogs and every now and then I even sometimes see someone link one that I have never seen before. and it has created the question, rather or not this function will EVER be put into the game, most likely due to the fact, the situation was mentioned in a post that has not been touched in ages.

So I do feel there are some upsides to a better roadmap that contains everything, even if there are no ETAs mentioned. As it at the very least, Puts everything in one place, and gives some players more assurance that the mentioned features WILL come and have not been forgotten about.

For example. The Lance. I feel its any ones guess at this point if this has been forgotten, scrapped, or is on its way at some point.

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its not so much that we are impatient its just like what Mayumichi sayed we have no idea whats going on we are told by the picture roadmap that hunter is next but then we get the coin machine and new forge stuff and now it sounds like farming is going to be before hunters. we are just confused and someting has simple has a trello roadmap would fix that


Just the tip would be enough :weary::joy:

Hey I’m just as impatient. I made a post last night wanting more hype stuff posted because I understand it could be a bit until things get to the test server. Those things you mention (chrysominter and venerable forge update are things that come up after an outline is pushed out and those things need to be addressed all while completing your outline/roadmap) I don’t see as roadmap deviations.

And to @Mayumichi ‘s point, you’re right we don’t know directly what is being worked on. Given the way their staff is structured I’d bet they are working on many at once, with the focus right now on farming. While that’s being done I’d bet they are going through the exo data to understand better our gathering patterns so they can adjust future perma planets accordingly. You could make an argument they could be able to do that with current world data but with the introduction of exos I’ve seen some rather unusual tactics I hadn’t originally seen on perma planets .

I’m not saying there’s no point to a roadmap. I’m just saying we have an outline on what they’re working on currently and we’re lucky they interact with us as much as they do. They don’t have to do that but still finding the time to. We’re spoiled. We’re used to getting some form of update fairly regularly and when that doesn’t happen, all of us want more and more info. That’s normal.

I’m not going to continue my end of the conversation, you all have fair points. My point is simply that we could get a new roadmap updates and when that stuff doesn’t hit the markers outlined, people will just complain again cause that’s what we do :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, but no. As in HELL NO.

The ladders concept arts were posted in December 2015.
The totems and stickers were posted in July 2017.
They’ve had concepts for clothing/armor and other playable races since June 2016.
All the props and furniture have been drawn in November 2017.

All concept arts thrown without context.

You can’t talk about “impatience” at this point, as if it’s our problem if we get the shakies.


I’m sorry you’re taking things so personally. I’m not trying to offend you at all. If the word impatient came across as rude, I apologize. I think it’s clearly evident by my clearly silly post I made last night that I’m jus as impatient.

You have yourself a good day man.

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Don’t take me wrong, I’m not offended. But I think it’s unacceptable to let ourselves believe that the problem is ours.
I am indeed invested personally in the matter, about as much as I care about the game, since I spent waaaay more money into it than I should’ve.
The devs have to be more transparent.

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Crops were going to require direct, vertical sunlight in order to save some pre-rendering on the server side.

Not sure what triggered it but maybe the hanging plant designs, in any case they decided to check on the server side so indirect sunlight will now be allowed. AFAIK actual sunlight is still required, just not full/direct exposure.