What do you care about more: new clothes or new races (heads)?

It depends, are you talking about a cosmetic change that is purchasable with cubits?

Or would the clothing be craftable and add some benefit to the character (buff, skill point, epic skill, environmental protection, etc)?

And would the race give different base skills or something like that?

Cos the former I can take or leave, I’d rather they spent time on something more tangible than cosmetics, but I would take either if it’s the latter, thought my preference would be for craftable clothing/armour, so I can have different outfits depending on my activity.

There’s not a both button

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I’d love some long flowing hair so I can run up the highest mountain and stand in the simulated wind heroically, stoic, and strong. :nail_care:


I’m fine with either. Just some type of customization. I feel so naked :sleepy:. Everyone knows fashion is the true endgame in any game lol.


How bout some transparency by giving us a roadmap that shows whats ahead . At least show us you have a plan to grow the game

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The way I would do it :
FIRST a baseline of wood-stone-copper-iron-silver-gold-titanium-gem-umbris/blink/rift pieces of armors, each with maybe 3 tiers.*
You’d obviously need a new UI with slots to put the armor pieces in. For the helmets, their appearances would be added to the current helmet lists in our Outfit menu in the Inventory menu, and you’d still be able to mix 3 appearances at once.

THEN, every so often, they add some cosmetic armors to the Exchange that could be bought with cubits, that could override the regular baseline appearances. This would require a tab to equip the armors and a tab to select other appearances.

For this, they’d also have to expand the Exchange helmet collection into a new menu where you’d select which type of slot you wanna buy stuff for and then you see the related appearance list.

But they could also do it in the other order. First work on the appearance part and THEN release the craftable armors.

*But it’s also a good question to ask why armors should follow the same style as tools/weapons. Maybe the first tiers of armors could be made with leaves and wood, and then you’d have some tiers that require cloth and leather, and then some others that require creature trophies and give different bonuses. I’d love to explore that further.

Point is, whenever they release something like that, it’s gonna be A HUUUUUGE change because they’ll need quite a bit of player-character-model rework, GUI-rework and lots of gameplay changes as well if they do add craftable armors that impact the other game-mechanics.

They might want to release some big UI improvements before or at the same time. There was something planned about a year ago. I heard it from James in February but nothing since :

Oh boy, that has been my #1 request for a long while :

If i have to choose ill choose clothing.

Now we are civilizations builders running around in diapers.
So we can make tools, build massive constructs, travel across the “stars” but we can’t make clothes only head wear? Tattoos where and are a nice addition but I would like a shirt, pants and shoes.

I prefer cloths to heads. I find it a bit silly to run around in underpants and/or bikini. :wink:

Devs are gonna play a trick on us and give us “new clothes”: bikini for the men and diaper for the women

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I’d definitely say clothing. We have masks to hide our faces.

Yeah man! I really need out of this loin cloth!

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The models we have are a modular design that was completely new. This was kind of the primary reason that none of the previous races came over. Due to this modular design it certainly has changed how things are done.

For me I feel it is more important to flush out more of the features with this race (clothes, shields, etc) versus paying for having to design and then add all the missing parts (event face masks, etc) for each new race we bring online. I am not sure the costs but I think that is much more costly because we have to cover all the modules and things

Definitely would cost a lot to add another race and make them compatible, which is why I think the female Oortians face should be scrapped completely, and the male ones redone to be appealing.

Absolutely no work should be done adding onto the current character models in my opinion. They need to be made appealing first. The vast majority of people don’t like playing as ugly characters.

You won’t bring in the cutesy adorable Minecraft players with rock goblins.


There could be other races that look totally different but have nearly identical facial geometries so they line up with hats and such. There’s a lot of room to put in ears and stalks and whatever where the current various head shapes are.

I guess that might be true. I’d be fine with that. Might be cheaper.


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Why not both…let’s get a bit funky. We need a disco character. Big afro and flares…lol.

I’ve hunted once in last 2-3 months after hunting daily for 9-10 months. It’s pointless to even leave the dome anymore

exactly! this is a nice idea.

Furniture and new mobs

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