What do you care about more: new clothes or new races (heads)?

I have no idea if new races/heads is even on the timeline still. But let’s assume it is - if the devs can only add one of these two models in the next 6 months, which would you prefer?

Let’s assume that everyone would get to pick a new race/head for existing characters upon release of the update.

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  • I want new head models (races)
  • I want clothes

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I’d love more ‘races’, or at least different faces to pick between. :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently it is just planning , collecting and building on repeat for me … I am missing a challenge …. that can be filled in in a lot of ways ( your question is pure cosmetics )

I am looking forward to system additions and mobs most at this stage

To reply to your question , Races :slight_smile:


Yeah mobs is the most needed for me right now. I know @morey523 is getting a little stir crazy up in that dome with the same 4 mobs haha


None of the above…Hunters/Fighters update.


My problem with new races is I already have 10 char slots filled.

I presume we’d be able to pick new races for our characters on release of the update.


I just want to hear the hunter…tap tapping on the side of our dome walls!


I’m pretty sure creating the races that were presented in concept-art would be waaaaay too difficult for the current team. Assuming the new races are made to use the same animations as the current playable race, it’s possible, but still a RIDICULOUSLY HUGE undertaking, so the devs would have to select a few races only.
I don’t know if the pay-off would really be there, in terms of gameplay.

The wearables, however, depending on how they’re done…
If it’s just textures applied on the character’s skin (like body-paints), that shouldn’t be too hard, but that wouldn’t look great on its own.

If it’s a few static 3D elements that are placed on strategic attach-point of the character’s body (like the shoulder), it’s should also be quite easy. For example, that’s how WoW used to make their armors back in 2004 and up to 2016. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

But if we’re talking about 3D armors pieces added all over the body on top of the character’s 3D model and which are supposed to bend and twist by following the character’s animation so that they don’t clip through the body, that’s another thing.

WoW has been doing that last one since 2016, and it clearly paid off, but it also takes way more effort.
The way they go about it is that you have your character’s body which has a few alternate 3D meshes that are hidden/displayed depending on which gloves/boots your wear (as per the old 2004 system), and the recent raid sets add a secondary model on top of that which is the full set of additional 3D armor pieces without the body or textures applied on the skin, and those are rigged with the same animations as the body, and each pieces of the armor is displayed/hidden at will in-game. However, since shoulders, helmets and belt-buckle have been handled separately in the past, the devs have kept them out of that new system, so the picture below doesn’t include them.

Similarly, Creativerse has changed their character models about one or two years ago. From what I understood after looking at the 3D models I managed to extract, each limb is a different model that share the same overall animation rig, which makes the whole thing seamless.
That way, you can select separetely which arms/tool-glove/legs/head/chest/hat you want. You’re not forced to chose armor pieces that will be displayed on top of the same character template. That plus the colors, you get some VERY nice customizable characters, and it kinda feels like you can create your own race :

With that last one, the point is the races and wearables could be deeply linked.
Both the modern WoW method and the Creativerse method appear quite good.

ANYWAY, I’m voting for wearables because there’s a lot of gameplay opportunities. We could craft them, sell them, buy cosmetic ones on the in-game store, etc.


I would be satisfied with different heads all on the same body, No Man’s Sky style. @bucfanpaka


It depends, are you talking about a cosmetic change that is purchasable with cubits?

Or would the clothing be craftable and add some benefit to the character (buff, skill point, epic skill, environmental protection, etc)?

And would the race give different base skills or something like that?

Cos the former I can take or leave, I’d rather they spent time on something more tangible than cosmetics, but I would take either if it’s the latter, thought my preference would be for craftable clothing/armour, so I can have different outfits depending on my activity.

There’s not a both button

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I’d love some long flowing hair so I can run up the highest mountain and stand in the simulated wind heroically, stoic, and strong. :nail_care:


I’m fine with either. Just some type of customization. I feel so naked :sleepy:. Everyone knows fashion is the true endgame in any game lol.


How bout some transparency by giving us a roadmap that shows whats ahead . At least show us you have a plan to grow the game

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The way I would do it :
FIRST a baseline of wood-stone-copper-iron-silver-gold-titanium-gem-umbris/blink/rift pieces of armors, each with maybe 3 tiers.*
You’d obviously need a new UI with slots to put the armor pieces in. For the helmets, their appearances would be added to the current helmet lists in our Outfit menu in the Inventory menu, and you’d still be able to mix 3 appearances at once.

THEN, every so often, they add some cosmetic armors to the Exchange that could be bought with cubits, that could override the regular baseline appearances. This would require a tab to equip the armors and a tab to select other appearances.

For this, they’d also have to expand the Exchange helmet collection into a new menu where you’d select which type of slot you wanna buy stuff for and then you see the related appearance list.

But they could also do it in the other order. First work on the appearance part and THEN release the craftable armors.

*But it’s also a good question to ask why armors should follow the same style as tools/weapons. Maybe the first tiers of armors could be made with leaves and wood, and then you’d have some tiers that require cloth and leather, and then some others that require creature trophies and give different bonuses. I’d love to explore that further.

Point is, whenever they release something like that, it’s gonna be A HUUUUUGE change because they’ll need quite a bit of player-character-model rework, GUI-rework and lots of gameplay changes as well if they do add craftable armors that impact the other game-mechanics.

They might want to release some big UI improvements before or at the same time. There was something planned about a year ago. I heard it from James in February but nothing since :

Oh boy, that has been my #1 request for a long while :

If i have to choose ill choose clothing.

Now we are civilizations builders running around in diapers.
So we can make tools, build massive constructs, travel across the “stars” but we can’t make clothes only head wear? Tattoos where and are a nice addition but I would like a shirt, pants and shoes.

I prefer cloths to heads. I find it a bit silly to run around in underpants and/or bikini. :wink:

Devs are gonna play a trick on us and give us “new clothes”: bikini for the men and diaper for the women

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I’d definitely say clothing. We have masks to hide our faces.