Art: Race and wearable variations

Hi guys,
i’m going to share some concepts and tests i’m doing for the first playable race.
You can see some variations for wearable, appendages, and sizes.
We are testing the Red big guy in game at the moment.
As you might know, we are going to release a game update soon and you might able to swap between meshes.
I’ll do my best for complete the characters in time. See you in game soon!! :smile:


I’m totally biased, but I’m in love with these :heart_eyes:


Looking great!


This is awesome! Good work!


Absolutely love the birdmask and single glove

question: are things such as hands and shoulders seperated? so left shoulder, right shoulder, right hand left hand, and then some shoulders would just fill both? or are they just shoulder and hands?


That one guy is gonna have hella problems with narrow doors. :smirk:

I’m with @Zouls–the bird look is sweet. (Not that the others aren’t, but–bird!)

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Hey Zouls, i’m glad you like them.
I’m still working on other visualization and some of the shoulder/hands part might be joined together. But at the moment i try to keep them separate according to the game play design.

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Also another thing i really like is the difference on the gear, like some of the concept looks regal with a crown (3rd from left) then there is an ‘‘explorer’’ type (4th from the left) then some really creepy voodoo stuff is going on (3rd from right) then very basic grass armor (2nd from right) and then hightech looking armor (1st from right)

personally while i like them they do feel kinda bare in some way, not sure if its just me who has that feeling, might be a side effect of playing alot of games with fullbody armors

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Agree but those are supposed to be “level one” wearable (please @ben forgive me :D)


Right… if that badass raven mask is level one i pray for a wardrobe system

like this:

sorry for posting my own

what about colors? are they said in stone badum tss atm or have you further considered a dye system for the game?

Were planning for the wearables to be:

  • Interchangable - wear type what you want, where you want it (eg: stone on shins, wood on shoulders)
  • Asymmetrical - wearables on left and right side of bodies are not linked (eg: stone on left shin, wood on right shin)
  • Tintable - colours can be changed based off crafted materials

Potential equippable areas: shoulder (l+r), bicep (l+r), forearm (l+r), hand (l+r), chest (l+r), back (l+r), thigh (l+r), knee (l+r), foot (l+r)


The ultimate aim is to allow players to pretend they’re playing in the Cricket World Cup: pads, arm guards, box, thigh pad, gloves, helmet. Everyone knows this is a Cricket simulator? Right?

Please note: only 2 people on the forum are likely to find this amusing … don’t leave me hanging here @Squidgy :raised_hand:


What, so the titans are just really big moving ball’s (cant write it for censorship) then?

We should rename oort to ‘‘Fantasy cricket simulator’’


Great work! I love them!


what’s that?

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Hipster character with an ear tunnel? :smile:


Yo im honestly loving these meshes, please get them here soon :kissing_heart:

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Niceeeee hahaha :hand:


Ear ring :wink:


When is this update coming out? Do we have a new estimate or did the one announced 2 weeks ago already come out? I haven’t been able to get on Oort

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Great job!!!
You guys are doing great!!!
Love it!!!

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