Signs of life from the devs?

I edited what I wrote. Truth is they’ve done what you said before and the entire forum erupted in hate.

No I would never ask people to shut up. I’m asking people to change how they approach the issue they see and understand how the information they are demanding probably wouldn’t have helped at all especially considering how people respond to that information - which I outlined.

As for what I would want to see change and what could work better? I don’t feel it is relevant right now because I don’t see the problem in communication around farming. People have basic understanding of what is happening. More details provide no other help on the customer side only distraction.

I know some things on why the roadmap isn’t being shared and why communication is like it is, but I haven’t had enough time to gather enough information to provide suggestions on how to maybe improve it. I also will not assume that it can get better or that it should or that the devs are not happy with the way things are… more data is needed.

Hmm ok, well I wasn’t around back then so I didn’t know that…

In any case, me personally, would rather hear at least something then nothing at all…

As @Xaldafax said… some people even took time off work if I recall and when the world wipe day was missed it was an absolute madhouse here.


Shame that those people caused this silence then…

lemme guess, they aren’t around anymore huh?

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I hear you on how many perceive it to be helpful. But, I was trying to outline the response we usually see in the community in the examples and flow I showed. Hype, disappointment, complaints, etc…

For some people they could manage the information and it is useful while for others it just turns into more drama or they are unable to actually manage the information they get.

So for me I feel that until we have changes in our community that less communication is better because the drama that ensues is worse for us and the game than the lack of communication. I feel that many agree with me or at least see how in this case the information would have helped them in no way.

A lot of them are. Some have posted to this very thread. Dont ask me for names, though.

Sadly I know quite a few people who feel the silence is bad and want to quit the game for it. Not quite sure that is what the community needs either…

And I also feel many agree with me :wink:

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I also think this whole thread is going nowhere anymore. We got a reply from a dev, so that’s good. The rest is just “no this is better than your way” “no my way is better” nonsense that we can never settle anyway…


I sometimes wonder if people are playing the game, or the forums. The people that I know that enjoy the game the most are the people who keep as far away from the forums as possible. I almost envy them…


Those are probably the ones that accumulate 4k+ hours since September, I wish I was, oh, wait, I have that many hours too!

And I am kinda wondering if this was a personal attack or not, hmmm, you know, the thing you dislike with a passion…

As I’ve said several times, I personally couldn’t give less of a fudge about dates.

What bothers me is how devs will sometimes give informations in threads like this one, instead of writting those informations in one convenient place.

Same thing with the roadmap. If you read the suggestion thread I made, I’m pretty sure I made it clear that dates would not be required, and that the whole point would be to have a place where you can connect all the information dots.
The picture @the-moebius linked does not accomplish that. I’d say it barely acts as a roadmap as it is.
Like Aenea said, it would mostly serves as a way to know what the devs are working on, what to expect.

Expecting the community to change and stop complaining is quite naive.
There will always be people complaining. Doesn’t mean you gotta cut communicating because of this. That’s not excusable at all!


On many levels I agree that we need more communication and a roadmap. I don’t think it is smart to not improve that.

But, until I see many in this community actually respond better to the information we DO get and how they have a conversation around this game I won’t change my views or defense of what is happening now.

No, its not a personal attack… I’m mearly reflecting on my own grievances…

Sounds familiar, I once did the same and got flak about it :wink:

Sorry, I could not resist! :joy:

That suggestion thread was a good one…

I don’t expect people to stop complaining. I expect people to mature in how they communicate and take responsibility on how they engage people in a forum.

You always will have people complain and act bad. But, each person should own the responsibility to look at how they engage in this forum and with the community and ensure they do so in a mature, constructive, and conducive way.

Additionally, the community in general can not accept bad behavior or people that communicate poorly. We can push and expect them to step up and act better.


Requesting this is closed. I raised my point and got reply, would like a “going forward we will do xx” but this is going in another directio . Thanks for the input! Got way more traction than i imagined


I can say that none of my friends post on the forums. But most of them (used to) read the big news and (used to) look at the concept arts.
But they all left (except one) because of the lack of a big major update that caters to builders.
Let’s just say that the Exo-Worlds and the Chrysominter weren’t enough of a game-changer for them.
I personally enjoy a lot the poles & beams, but the real game-changer will be placeable water. Already made a bùttload of canals in my build. The hype is making my blood boil. It hurts.

I’ll admit that I often write harshly. Mostly because I care for the game.
But I don’t think I’ve been ‘too’ harsh, here.
Like I said somewhere else above, Wonderstruck are professionals game developers working with Square Enix and selling a pretty expensive game (with subscription and an in-game store).
Hence I believe it’s legit to expect from them that they uphold a certain level of communication.
They should not be talked to like that one artist on Deviant Art who works alone and might stop making art altogether if you talk bad to him.

Thread closed at OPs request