Signs of life from the devs?


A lot is posted about boundless, good, bad and everything in between.

A huge amount of this is directed at farming with questions about things like how random exo spawns are not far behind, or how to attract new players.

However, speculation is all we have recently, with the community guessing whats gone wrong or what we are going to get.

Please could the devs actually just become pro active about whats going on, when its going to happen and even the things that are taking a little longer (or months) than planned. ANY news is better than silence as it just seems that James & co are working on another project or game and just keeping this one on life support for now.

I know im probably wrong about another game, but we have no idea and all we can do is speculate wildly. Much rather be told farmings a month away rather than keep hoping that next week will be the week we see it. At this rate every player left in the game will have their own market/mall & hub as we have run out of other ideas!


I can confirm that Farming is very close based on what I was told at the end of May. There must be some polish or other specifics that still need to be address.

As for Exo there was a thread where the basics of the random deployment was explained. Either the devs don’t have time right now to add more or feel that was enough or feel they don’t want specifics to come out for balance or other reasons. We’ve certainly see how people try to take advantage and game the systems when they know too much.

I’m not sure what specifics people are looking for around the Exos.


Its a general observation. They dont update us, or very very rarely. They set a fortnightly rotation of 1 major 1 qol update. That just hasnt happened. Huntress…got lost hunting.

A dozen people…not devs have confirmed farming is “close”, but halloween is close compared to christmas. I think.

If the devs do think that an explanation is clear enough and dont want to go further, great, tell us- as they did for the minter values. Its just the total lack of contact thats frustating.

People think Umbris just hasnt happened by chance, when people like me & likely you know theres a very specific reason. I havent elaborated or shared because im not certain its supposed to be public knowledge. This then fuels endless posts about is the exo random cos we havent had umbris.


Personally I think the community has caused this type of response and situation with the developers. We’ve seen many scenarios where communication by them doesn’t go well. All too many times it becomes more of a distraction than not.

The community has caused this just as much or if not more than the developers.

I don’t know a specific reason because I haven’t asked. If there is a specific reason then from my perspective it is for a specific reason and we all should respect that whether we have inside knowledge or not. There are many things I know about timing various topics but I almost never share because of two primary reasons - a) something might change and then my information is wrong b) if the devs felt it was critical to the game to release the information - they would.

I think people spend too much time worrying about what is coming and going and why things are a specific reason instead of just playing the game we have. Nothing is certain and in the world of development things must change as needed - hence why the hunter did not show yet. The reason on why is didn’t show is irrelevant to 99% of the questions people have.


Maybe this helps:

There have been larger gaps between patches in the past. No need to panic yet. :grin:

(Pls don’t ask why I create spreadsheets out of everything. :see_no_evil:)


I can agree here. I don’t blame them for going silent with all the complaining and sensitivity to the smallest things.


Sadly, while annoying that the minority of the community pick somethings apart. If you are suggesting devs shouldnt reply to avoid the time wazted dealing with it that will leave the majority of those who can handle adjusting to a new game style or mechanic in the dark.

The ones who complain a lot about any change are those that usually quit first. Best to put a reply out and leave them to deal with it. Granted if everyone complains about a change, something probably got overlooked. Maybe look at those ones.

The people who adjust hang about, however when the dev team go dark it removes confidence that something is being done in the background, even a hi…sorry we are still busy working out a few bugs every tuesday would go a long way.

I get my professional work highly scrutinised and get a lot of input/constructive critism and plain old personal attacks. I know they are going to happen. I stand tall, defend my reasons and respond appropriately. Not hide hoping it goes away (not directly saying devs are doing this- just highlighting the better way to address problems)


Maybe all the devs went on holiday together.
We can try to guess where they are on holiday.
Perhaps they all went to beaches in southern France?
Maybe a tropical island in Bermuda?
Or hot springs and volcanoes in Iceland?

Where might they be on holiday?


Well, seeing how many of them were last “seen” on the forums about an hour ago, I’d bet they’re reading all of this. They’re probably working hard to bring you content soon.


Friday facts equivalent for boundless please? :smiley:

I enjoy reading up on the developement a lot, be it just some interesting bugs or new content teases, if factorio didn’t have that I wouldn’t even know they have updates coming out. It also makes the game feel like it’s being actively worked on.


They are watching you. All the time. Don’t be surprised when you complain about them a lot here on the forums and a goat unexpectedly head-butts you into an incongruous pool of lava in the game. They know who you are and where you play. They are watching you.

Of course, there is no need to be paranoid. If you’ve done nothing wrong you have nothing to hide…


It’s absolutely preposterous to blame the community when the onus is the developers to communicate effectively.

If dialogue goes down a undesirable path, that is exclusively in the purview of the developers to manage.

Communication’s purpose is to share thoughts and ideas. If this isn’t happening bidirectionally, then that is the first problem. The second is that conflict, which is inevitable when humans communicate, is an opportunity to understand.

No one can control their customers, but they can certainly control how they interact with them. The developers lack of consistent communication is deafening.


There have been times when my character gets bumped to the side, as if a creature was in the way. I look around and, no creatures to be seen. I swear, they’re here. Right beside me. Devs wearing their cloaks of invisibility. Watching my every move and sometimes getting in my way.

Now, please excuse me. I have an appointment for the fitting of my new shiny tinfoil hat. Laters! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have noticed this too & wondered why it happens! Maybe the devs are giving us a little thump to mess with us lol :rofl:


may not be possible on this forum system but something like bliz has may also do wonders for this when the devs reply to topics it gives a company logo to let people know there is a dev post in the topic


It’s possible for sure, dev tags and aggregate dev posts.

edit: There’s a dev category in there too


I personally think this is not true. In my personal conversations they may have regretted they way they communicated about a change or why something was done but did not regret that they did in fact communicate. Have they been surprised by the reaction of the player base? Certainly they have, but they can always choose to ignore the response or reaction. After all it is their game. If they choose to listen or react to player comments then that is a choice. If they do so in favor of delaying other planned features then again they are making a choice. These things are only as much of a distraction as we or they make them. If they do not want to listen then they certainly do not have to.

I think that posts that seem to encourage players to not provide feedback are not in the interest of the game. (not what you are doing but some players might take it that way) The developers can hear from people that are playing the game or wait and get negative reviews of the game on Steam.

Currently I believe the developers are trying to introduce an entirely new mechanic to the game with farming. I do not think it is unrealistic for something that is entirely new to take more time than merely introducing a new block to build with.


As much as I would like a shiny blue announcement from the devs, I am sure they’re cooking some good update for us (as they always do). As Xaldafax mentioned, some people don’t receive news of any change well so probably the devs are refraining from saying anything until they’re certain about what they’re going to implement. Can’t blame them.


Ditto all this. I don’t see how devs can’t do it at times, seeing some of the craziness that has happened with other games particularly. I can’t imagine working such a burnout job and getting repeatedly kicked in the face on top of it. I make a point not to try to bother devs for these reasons. I know they’re listening so I’ll throw in my $.02 wherever I think it is worth that and help promote the game as I can, but I figure they’ve got more than enough on their plates.


I am not speaking for them or saying they are not communicating because of the reasons I put…

It isn’t preposterous viewpoint, though. It is a valid personal opinion with plenty of data from conversations about how the community responds to specific communications from the developers.

I think the proof is more than visible on why communication styles have changed and are the way they are. The community and specific individuals needs to take responsibility for how they communicate outside of whether the developers post or don’t.

Yup they do that. They post very specific things and not general stuff.

The developers have communicated effectively when they feel it is time to share things. It is community in general and specific individuals on how they chose to respond to that communication. When the response is not conducive to a conversation it is not on the developers to keep talking to people. They have the right to stop that thread of conversation and that is what they do.

We should not blame them if they chose to then not post again because of the response they received.

Communication is happening. They posted asking for data on crop grow times. The community provided their views.

I don’t see what they lack of communication is deafening about at all. They post when they have questions, they respond to threads when they have time or feel they need to. Beyond that, they are busy on the game and don’t feel the need to get into the weeds with some of the threads on this forum.

Sure people have asked for a roadmap and a few other things. There are some that have provided the data they can or feel is relevant.