Boundless Steam Sale

I really wish they would drop the price for the game or at least put it on sale for like $19.99 for a Steam sale or something. I think this might give a boost of new players.

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Looks like Boundless Steam keys are available on Green Man Gaming for $17 right now.

For history of sales, see here:


Wish this information was out there and more prominent. I just think at $40 on Steam for a game that has been out awhile isn’t going to attract a lot of people.

You can currently buy Boundless Steam Keys for €1,89. This is outrageously cheap because it’s definitely worth the €39,99 on Steam, even if I’m bored with Boundless at the moment.


Always check IsThereAnyDEAL.


First time I’ve seen that site - will definitely use again! :+1:


IsThereAnyDeal also has waitlists and email notifications. I have my waitlist synced up with my Steam wishlist and I get daily emails for any games on there that have sales on any platform. That’s actually how I ended up getting Boundless. My wife and I were discussing trying playing a new game together, so we went over a handful of games from my recent ITAD emails and Boundless happened to be in there.


In all honesty I am just looking at ways of growing the community more and it is kind of disheartening that I do find a few friends that want to play but are leary to try the game due to the price tag. This site will help me out a bit I think as I can point them there.

I just want to see more players … this game was missed by so many.

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a PSN sale as well, when i got the game back in 2018 it was £32.99 but i have never seen the game in any of the psn deals.

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the game is def worth its 40 bucks but care to explain that to someone when he can just buy minecraft for 20 :confused:

Minecraft is not an MMO. Someone or something has to pay for the ongoing server costs. With minecraft if you are playing any type of multi-player, someone other than minecraft is paying to run the server.


@Kal-El I agree that Minecraft isn’t an MMO but I also think Boundless isn’t an MMO. When I think MMO I think of World of Warcraft or any of the typical MMOs out there.

I can compare Boundless to Minecraft all day … as I have played MC for years and have ran multiple servers. They are very similar and I have a hard time defining Boundless as an MMO in the traditional sense. From my experience there isn’t technically anything Boundless has that a modded MC server doesn’t or couldn’t have. On top of that a modded MC server could offer more than what Boundless does… vehicles, weapons, monsters, animals, magic, more crafting. Now all this is on the PC version of course.

It is why MC is still one of the top 5 games being played with over 1 million players. With all that said, it is the time it takes to implement all of those things in MC and the server issues that at times can corrupt a whole world causing a complete reset. Not to mention the PC version running on Java and being horribly optimized unless you are using the Windows 10 version which doesn’t allow mods.

I love Boundless way more than I ever have MC for the simple fact it is one persistent universe with all of us together in that universe making it what it is… after only playing a few months myself, the feeling I get from the community and the game when I play it just can’t be matched.

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How do you determine if something is an MMO?

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Boundless is a sandbox open-world MMO. Everyone online on the same dev-created/hosted server(s) at the same time.

WoW… OSRS, etc are MMORPGs, specifically. There are also Themepark MMO variations and other types.

There are other MMO games similar to Boundless (which I’m not interested in naming since they have enough advertisement). I would not consider Minecraft one of them. Great game, but not an MMO.


If I may…there is a distinction between just “mmo” and things like WoW, which are “mmorpgs”. Boundless has some rpg-like qualities (think skill pages), but I wouldn’t classify it as an rpg. It IS however a "massive (ish) multiplayer online game, so I can think of no better way to describe it besides what it is, an MMO! :grin:

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Sorry, I think we’ve strayed into OT territory here, I digress…

There is certainly the difference that MC doesn’t run a centralized, universal server. I’m sure the fine folks at MS would have to either raise the price of the client, start a subscription program, or tack on even MORE microtransactions (texture packs, etc) to keep servers up and profitable. They also have the fact that MC is not just a game, but a BRAND. Movies. Spin-offs (like Tell-Tale games “Story Mode”), and sooooo much merch!!!

Boundless simply doesn’t have those resources. I think a big sale could actually hurt the bottom line there. I’m no pro on this stuff tho, just my 2 cents :grin:

G2A is not an authorized Steam key reseller. Many of the keys there are acquired through theft and fraud and I recommend against using it both because of the ethics of it and because it can cause your Steam account to get locked.


I was questioning G2A. Regardless, I’d just be happy since Steam has a very high user count and high visibility that they would just drop the price to $10-$20 bucks. Just during of their summer sales or something. Seems Greenman Gaming may be a good option and I wouldn’t mind buying a couple copies for a few friends that are on the fence about it.