Boundless trailer (player creation based)

so I have been thinking, and I spoke with some people about this one of them being @DKPuncherello
I don’t want to make a long story for everyone to read, you will get the drift in short as well.

we all know that the game itself lacks advertising/promoting.
but I think that we as players should make a trailer (inviting video) with everyone that is active so meet up and gather as a group at a certain place and promote the game ourself, and post it on social media.
social media is main source for advertising games and I’m pretty sure everyone got some sort of social media account. how we do this needs to be planned and ideas need to be given, polls can be created to make certain decisions as long as everyone is supporting one another. we need to pick a date and make this work. some need to record and we could do with some movie editors (after effects)
I used to be good at this but its been too long xD

wel this is my idea and i think we need to do something with it!



My social media comprises of…the boundless forums. I ditched the common social media platforms a while ago …


We should do some shots around universe. Arch of Axon, on Biitula…a stop by Iconisburg, River towns, Portal Seekers on grov te, etc…


Aqua Embassy, woodlands… Naughty mall…gyosha mall…

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While i like the idea… i think it would be super hard to organize if you want “all” active players there cause of the timezones.

Also who decides whats worth showing?.. “some like red some like blue”.

I think this could end up having more negative than positive stuff around players.

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Maybe make a couple videos and just have who ever can make it turn up at different times.

I believe there are a couple great videos of the TNT megahub drop party / planet network launch and there was a good turn out too


This would be great to put up on other boards like Reddit and Steam as well. :slight_smile: Showing a lot of people together having fun, showing off the beauty of builds, that will be great to have out there, IMO.

My feeling would be multiple meetups at different places combined into one video might work really well, to show off as much as possible. Especially now with the new blocks coming - definitely would want to get those featured. Also maybe show part of a hunt in a pretty location - scenery screenshots do pretty well from what I’ve seen, occasionally it will be shots I didn’t expect to get attention that get someone asking about the game. Oh, also maybe get a bit of footage of a group heckling someone attempting the Reaper’s Trials, that would be a great add too I think.

On social media, from what I’ve seen, Twitter is really great for getting it onto the radar of people who don’t know about it. I think a good push there could work wonders.


Multiple meetups chopped together in one video would work I think. And if you can make more than one meetup, even better. Make a poll of all the potentials places and whoever wins wins. Lets not make this a big deal about footfall :roll_eyes:

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Exactly - question to me boils down to: What is going to work best to promote the game? What will catch someone’s eye, possibly draw them in? Since different people get drawn by different styles, variety will be good, IMO. Also get as many of the unique features of Boundless as possible - like one thing that drew a good bit of attention when I Tweeted it, showing how the builds can be seen from other planets. What if in one shot, there was a slow zoom out until it cut away to showing the settlement people were gathered on from another planet? I think that could be quite cool. :slight_smile: Also, a bit of walking through one of the larger malls would be great too, that is definitely something to show off.

I think a huge group jumping off a hunting platform would make a good shot. Thats always epic lol

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Yes, was thinking exactly the same! :smiley: I love those shots/videos when I see them.

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Why not just post our own videos here and then someone with the right editing software can do some magic :tophat::rabbit: