Boundless Trophy Guide (PS4, but others can use too)

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Hi everyone!

I’m a completionist kind of player and a PS4 trophy hunter (but not claiming to be a good one!) and I use the PSN Profiles website a lot.

I have been working for awhile now on creating a trophy guide for Boundless on the PSN Profiles website, because I’ve gotten all but 1 of the attainable trophies, and there was no guide on PSN Profiles, and I see the same questions repeated frequently in game that a guide could help answer.

I finally finished the guide and PSN Profiles just published it, and I wanted to share it with you all! I hope it helps others like me who find enjoyment in getting trophies, and maybe encourages other trophy hunters to give Boundless a try. Thank you to @Vansten for letting me use your forge instructions for The Ultimate Forged Item trophy!

If you use it and find any mistakes or have information you think I should add, please let me know! I plan on maintaining it, especially to update when unattainable trophies become attainable or bugs get fixed, etc. Since settlements, hubs, malls, and even planets come and go, I was careful not to reference any actual location names in the guide, but rather direct players on how to find current locations themselves.


Also if you find the guide useful, I will gladly accept donations in the form of visits to my shop at DK Mall so I can earn more footfall and get the Money Maker trophy. You don’t even have to buy anything! :smiley:

My shops are:
Some Exo Over the Gleambow (X1)
Calico Consortium


That is really, really cool!! :slight_smile: Love trophy hunting myself, give me extra goals and such in games, and I use that site a fair bit just to browse new games.

Plus, you put Boundless on the main page with it! Probably others out there like me who like browsing games that way :wink: -

Really great guide, browsing it now, exactly the sort of thing that a lot of new players might want to see in writing. :slight_smile: I’ll share this!


Thank you! I’m glad you like it! And yes, haha, I was excited to see Boundless on the main page :laughing: