Boundless was okay yesterday but today it's not?

First one was brutal. All those shots and only get one dark blood.

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Yeah as I stated before, not worth wasting your time/weapons on !


omg coolz oone hit ores
happy times

Is this with the extra damage crystal for slingbows?


No, that has never worked before, does it now make any difference ?

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don’t know never actually tried it

@SWProzee1 Do you have sling mastery maxed?

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@SWProzee1 did a test with damage crystal no effect.

Yes I have indeed.

@SWProzee1 lol, it’s really a funny one, I guess we’ll see some cuttle revenge until this gets rebalanced

I also agree with the sentiment felt here. Love the game but thought it was a bit of a grind and could have done with nerfing a little so it wouldn’t be quite so time consuming. Now its gone completely the other way and gotten even more time consuming and verging on tedious. I’ve only been playing 2 weeks but thats 50+ hours gameplay to get to Lvl 21, I just wanna go exploring and build cool things, not spend 10 minutes hitting a stone 5 times for 4 xp :frowning:


It’s possible that you’re hitting the Rock-paper-scissors elemental enhancements? ie. hit an Elemental creature with the right anit-Element and it’ll take more damage?

Update 1:
(It’s also possible the balance is simply borked somehow.)

Update 2:
Also that’s a Level 5 Cuttletrunk - don’t you want some creatures that are bad ass? If a Level 5 creature could be killed in 5 hits then where is the challenge?

Maybe the problem here is the distribution of the creature levels spawned.

Yes - a Level 5 creature should reward you with a bumper harvest of drops.


Sure I want a challenge, thats why I am waiting for the boss fights to be added to the game.

But the reward is simply not worth it fighting them in this update.

Ok - so if the rewards were proportional to the battle - then it’s cool?

(Bit surprised that it’s not already. Wondering if a change got lost along the way.)

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Yeah, then I would have a reason to fight them. Now it is a waste of time and resources for just 1 oort stone or even worse, 1 dark blood.

How do you think I can support portals in this state ? Already it is crossing my mind to have my portal hub going to close.

And again, it does not need to be easy, but as the video shows… this is a game breaker for me.

Too much negative information about this update! I call it the ‘BIG NERF update’.

Taking a break from the game.


It seems like you are seeing level 5 monsters as elites? That’s absolutely great if so, there should definitely be elites in the game - the ones that need a party of players to bring down. I’d suggest making them stand out - special sprites, special name plate, etc. That way the player knows this is something more than just a slightly harder mob. How you handle loot distribution is a bit tricky though - first to the drop, or everyone gets the same drop. Elites need to be rare though, and the pay off needs to be elite too - gems, weapons, upgrades (a bit like the damage crystals for the slingbow maybe), otherwise people will just avoid them instead. I don’t know if solo players should have a chance to face an elite by themselves if maxed in combat though, I guess that’s up to how much you want to enforce grouping?

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the battle looks awesome thoug lol

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Just killed a level 5 cuttletrunk and got 1x Oortstone, 1x Bone & 1x Tallow. Not massively great, but not so bad…

Tried attacking a Level 5 Corrosive Spitter, only to find out my dual-wielding Corrosive slingbows were largely ineffective… and got chased home with my non-existant tail between my legs by a level 5 Corrosive Hopper. Fun times!

I like it - Munteen feels scarily like a challenge now (before all I had to worry about was falling in lava!)


You might like it, but answer this: How to maintain multiple portals with this update ?

One person was never meant to maintain multiple portals on their own - that was always meant to be a group/guild thing. It’s meant to be a big achievement, not a right of passage for everyone to have as many portals as they want to everywhere they want.

So whilst I’m going to have to shut down most, if not all, of my portals eventually, I’m completely OK with it - god mode needs to go at some point, it may as well be now, before too many more people have their expectations set in the wrong place.