Boundless would you rather: Forge, or Farm

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Would you rather forge or farm? I’d rather farm. What would you rather do?

  • Forge
  • Farm

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10 points- good question!!

Forge definitely. But I’d also rather have my nails pulled off one by one with rusty pliers


It is way easier for me to farm then to get a decent amount of the good forge ingredients xD


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I mine and sell that to buy cheap ingredients to make the forge ingredients. Even tho I hunt occasionally :joy: all of that stuff gets sold tho.

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Forging sucks.
It’s all rng garbage. I’ll stick with my forging irl. I know what I’m going to make, and what the outcome will be ahead of time. It took practice, but at least I don’t end up with tons of wasted time, money, and materials.
The game should follow reality. “These materials provide these results.” The only rng should be whether you get sub-par, normal, or exceptional results. And that should be offset by your experience in forging.

I voted forge, because I do far more of it than farming and I love it.
But I’ve recently set up my goo farm and I’m just venturing into kindling farming now :slight_smile:


Sell my soul :thinking:
I mean forge all day everyday lol😅


I want to vote for both… I take both to the extreme and like to learn ever dark and dirty secret there is to know about both skills (goo farming only, the rest can go…).


I do both but spending more time on farming right now. Forging is also the more annoying one because of rng so vote goes to farming.
In the end a good mix of activities is important to me


Farming = Somewhat relaxing, you get a lot of stuff :white_check_mark:

Forging = Frustrating, lose ingredients :x:

^ Can agree with that