Boundless Youtube Introduction video & play series in Chinese Language

Hi everyone,
I just start to run my Youtube channel.
My first target game is Boundless.
I still very love this game, and I am trying to share it to Chinese speaking country.
This why in the video, I speak Chinese.

If any players speak mandarin in game, maybe you can join my discord, so we can promote & play this game together.

Discord Channel:

This is Episode 0, so basically just introduction some special part in this game.
The Episode 1 I will start a new character and play from 0.
In the series, I will experience as brand new player again.

This is my video link.

Please subscribe it if you love my video,
Thank you everyone :slight_smile:


i dunno but maybe @Scratchnwiff speaks mandarin think he lives in hongkong currently.


Oh oh maybe he know hows the ping in Asia Country.
I am just afraid if players there will be too lag to play the game :persevere:

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Great video! Really nice introduction to Boundless! So nice to see new players and their appreciation for how beautiful the game is :smiley:

I don’t know about the rest of Asia but for HK my gameplay is smooth. I’ve never had a problem with lag when playing with friends. Of course, some planets are better for me than others (Boori was great for me) but even going to Beckon (US east), Imoco (EU central) has been without problem for me

Edit: Boori is in Australia, and here isa planet list from the famous Boundless Crafting website:


@1351218824 and his friend speak mandarin

I have no idea what you’re saying but I liked and subscribed anyway :blush:

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thank you for introducing us