Boundless's Exclusivity?

I’m wondering about this game’s exclusivity to Sony.
Is this permanent?
Or is they’re any possibility we could ever see Boundless for Xbox or Switch?

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From what I’ve read it’s Sony exclusive for now, probably a few years but has the potential to open up eventually.

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you can get it on PC

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They need to include xbox so we can teach the new little Oortlings the way

Its a console exclusive. Pc doesn’t qualify as a console. But it’s also on the ops wording to get you to say that as well.

We need all the store options we can get and more advertising ( it is the prime season after all), we really need more new players. Actually not just players we want stayers!


I obviously ment as far as console is concerned, however I suppose it wouldn’t have hurt me to make that more clear in my initial post.

Thanks for stating this.

I mentioned this because, I would really love to play this game with my console friends of course.
But that’s not my biggest concern. I just personally feel this game would get a lot of sales from the Microsoft side & bring in a lot of players due to the simple fact that micros line up is not great, & xbox players are starving for some good games.

I really hope to see this game ported to all major platforms, at some point in the future. I just feel like everyone deserves a good shot at playing this amazing game.
& a lot of people stick to their particular platforms.


I’m sorry I wasn’t sure if you were aware or not :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: my bad


Its all good, like I said I probably should have made it clear for this very reason. People cant read minds, so description helps.