Boundlexx API: An API to get all things related to Boundless

I’d be able to be way less wasteful if there was a pubsub / webhook for new worlds / expiring worlds. That way I don’t have to refresh the worlds api periodically to check if there’s exo’s / sovereigns popping up.

That has been brought up before and I am certainty planning on doing something like that. I already have the Discord Webhook, but I have not really had any one really need super real time data yet.

I was thinking of doing something like Azure Event Grid or a traditional Webhook approach.

Yep, as of now the world data I use, I keep it cached for an hour and then refresh it, because I throw a notice when exo’s pop up. I’d prefer to keep the requests to a minimum, and go to 24 hours unless an update notice comes through from a webhook / pubsub.

For now though, it works. I was just asking that question because I want to keep your data transfer at a minimum.

EDIT: Both Azure Event Grid and a webhook are nice approaches, but I’d personally ask for a pubsub socket if at all possible. Having a socket where live data changes get pushed through would be awesome.

Major update:

  • Added minting values for items and more localization/string data to Item API
  • Adds atmosphere protection info to World API
  • Adds Skills/Skill Groups APIs
  • Adds Emoji API: Using the Emoji + World API you will be able to properly format worlds with Emoji in their name.
  • Adds Game File API - decoded game files all provided in a simple JSON format

This update was released a bit earlier then I would have liked as it is still missing the new APIs for Crafting Recipes. But they will be coming soon.

Note about the Game File API: this exposes game files. As such, until I get approval from the devs, it will requires authentication to access. This allows me to require people to actually own Boundless to access the endpoint so no one is getting access to files they do not own. If you would like an API token, just DM me and I can get you one ASAP.

EDIT: I almost forgot, huge thanks to @willcrutchley to helping us get the icons spliced out of the atlas.png.

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Ok I am not sure what this does as I am not a coder or programmer. I went to the page and it looks like mainly code.

It is an API for other people to build things with. The biggest hurdle to building awesome tools is getting the data you need. The goal is to provide that data who have awesome ideas and things they want to make. All of the data is in a format that is easy for devs to use (JSON)


I JUST NOW stumbled across this. I have no idea how I missed your original post on this. Great work! I’m a full stack developer that, in my day job, focus on a particular CMS from Adobe but I thoroughly enjoy building stuff on the side. I had started working on and got pretty far but honestly was up against data limitations. I’m going to leverage your APIs going forward! Thanks! Let me know if I can help in any way.

EDIT: Just saw you’re accepting donations in-game! Let me know if you’d prefer coin or hammers and I’ll throw some your way to show support.


@Angellus is there a rate limit? I don’t really get much traffic but the way the api is set up would require a lot of GET requests to get, say, a world and all its colors.

I want to make sure I’m respectful of bandwidth here.

No rate limits. Every is cached. A lot of data can be easily cached on the browser side as well.

Awesome. Thanks.

Has anyone started developing a damage calculator v2.0 with these new skills GUI images yet? Was thinking of making a skill calculator with an actual rendered skill tree.

I would not recommend doing a damage calc yet. I do not have enough enough of the systems modeled for that. A skill tree/planner could work though. Just let me know if you need help figuring out the attributes.

  • Changed the default API Schema renderer to Swagger UI from ReDoc. After talking with a few people and thinking about it, Swagger UI is definitely a better choice. It might not look as good (in my opinion), but the API console built in really makes a big difference.
  • Added start_after, start_before, end_after, and end_before filters to the World API. So now you can filter for Exos after/before a specific datetime.
  • All time filters (start/end on World APIs and time on the Timeseries endpoints) all now require ISO 8601 datetime strings instead of the simplified version. I really should test these with people from other timezones before just assuming things.

That’s huge, personally love me some Swagger :slight_smile:
As for the datetime, I thought it was already adhering to ISO8601? Or is that only for filters which I haven’t tried using yet.

There are also themes but I haven’t tried them out. One of them looks a bit like ReDoc.

The responses have always been ISO 8601, but the filters were a bit more simple. They may have already accepted ISO 8601, but did not require it. They now require it because of timezones and they suck.

So I have been thinking. Do you all think it would be beneficial to have someone on Discord to talk about Boundlexx? I am starting to get a decent number of people using and there is definitely some overlap in conversations?

@Gorillastomp @DreamEvil @Wieghant @Dhusk @DragonTamer @Simoyd
(just people I have talked to in the last few days, sorry if I missed you in ping)

Also note for “my” Discord server, it is not a Boundless specific server. It is just a generic Discord server where a bunch of people myself and my in real life friends hang out with and chat with. So there would be other non-Boundless related chatter and probably only a single Boundlexx channel.

  • Yes, official game Discord server
  • Yes, group message
  • Yes, other Discord server (will probably be “my” Discord server)
  • Yes, create a whole new Discord server for testing purposes
  • No, forum group message instead
  • No, it is fine how it is

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Having a “Support Server” for the API, bots dependent on it, etc … is a good choice. I wasn’t sure which option in your answers related to this (your server vs “official” Boundless server). Also a good place to track suggestions and such as well.

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I added a new one specifically for a new server. I suppose there would be benefits to a separate server instead of just a group message. It could be a place I could give people admin control over parts of the server and test whatever they wanted for bots, etc.

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Probably good idea. Forums and modding channel on official Discord might not be the best place.