Breathable atmosphere inside builds

I don’t know if this is possible, but it could be interesting having a machine or item/resource that provides a temporary or limited area breathable atsosphere on higher level worlds. Something that could allow random explorers and shoppers to visit the world, but still need protection points to venture from the safety of the habitat. Could run on Oort or an oxyen like resource. Idk just spitballing.

The other day I had an idea fragment about an exoworld where the goal is to build to the highest prestige before the world disappears. That one quickly comes apart for a few reasons, but I love the temporary nature of the exoworlds for several future uses.

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Have only read the title… Yes


Something along these lines would be a good idea I think.

I suggested something similar:


This would be the perfect opportunity to introduce the automatically closing doors. Why don’t we have that?

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I think a great way to do this would make a plot+ or advanced plots mechanism. Ie, you can convert plots at some ratio (5:1?) and then use an advanced plot plotter to place these special plots that let you ignore environmental protections, or increase your footfall or reduce taxes. I think this would give wonderstruck a way to monetize a service that has an immediate need with a minimum of development time.

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Both Ideas are great. Although I’d prefer a machine that runs on spark, and portal networks/high level malls could have donation spots to help keep the protections up. I still feel spark/heat could have so many more uses, but I get Oort shards being the more obvious (if not expensive) option for this.

I would be perfectly fine with the plot + idea too. but rather than building a system that converted existing plots why not just sell the Plot + as another option on the exchange? Seems more simple that way, plus people sitting on a few thousand plots would have a reason to care about cubits again (which are what we can spend extra money on afterall if we don’t feel satisfied with the amounts we get by leveling).

whats gonna stop people to run in out the zone and mine i think if they made this it would be abused from day one i know i would invent a mining system with that lol i love coming up with new systems using the stuff def come up with :smiley:

once my main hit level 45 i switch to an alt to do reguar stuff and resetted the main to have all protections on could be good tip to start using new alt as main and resetting your main is quite fun to finally also have a hardcore player set up


You should read the next patch notes…:zipper_mouth_face:


:flushed: Must find the next patch notes! :rofl:

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Yes!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!