Beacon/area environmental protection

While chatting with @AeneaGames about the pros and cons of setting up a base of operation on higher level planets it came up that the 2 main things that would hold anyone back are as follows:

Lower level alts won’t be able to survive without points in protection
If you set up a shop, less traffic due to the same

I thought it might be a good idea to implement some sort of building environment protection.

Beacon augments were suggested, you could have a couple of slots in the beacon for protection augments to go in.

This system would have benefits in that the augments could then be expanded to other things, there would be some overlap with guild buffs potentially, but I think that’s OK, the more options we have the better!

Downside of this for me, is it would be potentially OP, huge areas covered by a single beacon and a single augment.

My thought was some sort of craftable machine that required fuel of some sort that would create a limited area of protection, let’s say 25m wide for arguments sake.

That could give alts space to work, and allow visitor to a store (assuming your portal is inside). Plus there is a constant upkeep cost for those that wanted it, so not just a single craft and forget.

You could potentially combine the 2 methods, use the beacon as the base point but still need to add the augment and continually fuel, creates a protective radius with the beacon in the centre.


This is a neat idea

Thanks! (10)