Brief Downtime at 2pm

I got disconnected from the server. Now I’m stuck on the “Your character is still connected to a world”

Can’t even get back on

I found another shop in the gyosha mall with them. Didn’t check price. Just saw sign on the shop stand that said exo Yam. Couple stores over from mine. Mine is store #86

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Out of body experience…


We’re selling some too actually… or were… or will. Someone said something at some stage! Haha.

No Mans Sky is working lol


Speak of the devil…

They had petrolim too! But that stuff is too expensive for my liking and I already went over my budget for the week over at bling n thingz :sweat_smile:

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wow that didnt last very long - I mean play time after the maintenance :joy::rofl:

Nice, petrolim is very tempting… thanks for the heads up.

Cant get on to any planet!

That has happened to me sometimes, it has nothing to do with this patch, if you are expelled from the game or disconnected, you have to wait several minutes, so that the machine or server recognizes that you have left, if you do it very quickly, you Consider that you’re still in the game and won’t let you in

It’s been 30 minutes :joy:

Now it’s telling me the servers are updating and play is not permitted

Patience Young Padawans! lol

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at least you did not loose items :smiley: I hope

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then it may be because of the amount of people, but it misses me since we were few

Oh well that’s bloody awesome I was harvesting my exo yam seed crops!

Oops. :upside_down_face:



^he is happy cause he has a top hat.

i got official in-game maintenance warning so that’s planned whats happening now

Crash bug