Brief downtime from 1100 BST - Update Coming

Morning folks - we’re going to be offline briefly from 1100 BST (in around 90 minutes from now) to release another update to Boundless! - the Shop Scanner is inbound!

We shouldn’t be down for long, and we’ll let you know as always




:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Love it


Ah yes, right at bedtime lol…


Woah didn’t know shop scanner update would come so fast, looking forward to it and only decide to make shops.

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Oh hell yes! I CAN’T WAIT!

This is absolutely going to make me work harder on an actual shop!


I just woke up! So na na na na na *sticks out tongue

*ps thanks for the update!

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Awesome, thanks y’all! :smiley: Knowing this was coming had me change my plans to get rid of one shopping area, and even added a new one because of it… hmm, maybe will load a few more things on the plinths before work here! :wink:

Hi Sam, is the release exactly as the last testing?

I just note there there was no updates to the test from initial release (unless I missed it!)

…and we’re back! Full Patch notes to follow!

@fidach Feature-wise, it’s the same - the full patch notes will have more detail on any last-minute changes that were made though, I’ll link to them once we have them

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OK, thanks

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