Brief Network Disconnect - Subsequent Game Error

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hi, i had a brief outage, and the game offered for me to reconnect (the rain was still going … and still is) … then i’m “kind of” back in … but only this far … and with this error in the debug.

I was going to leave it on, because I’m scared of losing a ton of XP I was waiting on … but I guess that’s gone now …

not needing support on this, just raising it so you’re aware.

report will be sent in the next 5m, this username.

task manager seems to think all is well, it’s not even using many resources

edit - I force quit the game from task manager, but on restart it didn’t offer to report. sorry.

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You can also provide them logs after the fact from:


Screenshot 2020-10-23 142613


Your XP should be fine. It’s not recorded until someone triggers the machine after the job completes. This can be a couple of days.

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Or months, as long as your beacon hasn’t expired :slight_smile:


I thought there was an actual time limit on it. Something like two weeks for the crafting. I’ll have to go thru the support logs. I know it was talked about because of “missing xp”

Hmm it was a while ago so I’m not sure if I remember correctly, but I think I got xp when I visited a compactor site months after crafting with them :thinking: Maybe it was a dream then :smiley:

Was the game just stuck on this screen with no error messages displayed at the bottom?

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Correct, @vdragon, that’s the bunny. No errors. :slightly_smiling_face:

But when I force quit, and restarted (no dump, but I’ll do what the person above said :slight_smile: ) … also, weirdly (as I was told that they expire when you log out) the learning/teaching pie stayed with me when I came back … so WAHOO. :slight_smile:

Still not sure I’m using them right, but that’s another matter. :slight_smile:

This does not happen… teaching foods only expire when you have gotten all the Exp they run for.

Has it happened since then?

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Hiya, no, it’s been playing nicely since then. So keep an eye out, though.