Bright Sepia Gleam

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Anyone have Bright Sepia to farm? I checked the gleam hub and didn’t see it listed. :cry:

According to this Artemis does. It’s 1 blink sec away from Kol Huroo

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Artemis is currently sporting Blue gleam

Thank you for looking! :smiley:

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Just changed my T3, Leprechaun, to Bright Sepia. :slight_smile: There are gleam spheres there, and there is a portal to the planet (not right to spheres though) at Paka’s Place, Gyosha, accessible through the TNT hub.


I agree bright sepia is a wonderously magical gleam color. There is something to it that sets it apart from the rest

Thank you so much! I had an unexpected meeting to go to super early this morning and couldn’t get online last night since I went to bed early to pretend to be a responsible adult.

Now I have time off and can drop all pretenses so I will definitely come get some gleam! :smiley:

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It is! I also like bright orange for a nice warm glow.


Thank you! I found a gleam ball and might have chopped a few trees too while I was there. :grin:

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