Bring back Gleambows! (yet another poll included!)


Thanks fidach! I was going to request this, as well, I need more shadow gleam, as well as the vibrant colors. Too many of the in-place colors are too similar, or too muted. As for Exos, well I’m not anywhere close to reaching those. :frowning: Cheers!


I’d have to vote “No” on this one. Exos already get special colors, and not everyone can reach them, which was kind of the point. If everything added or amended is just going to become max-level content, then you are telling new players “too bad.” That is not going to attract them. And reaching level 50 from a dead start takes most people months. Sure, we could team with existing players that could accelerate us through levels, but in that case Boundless might as well just remove levels completely.
A periodic event, whether monthly or quarterly, that includes almost everyone (getting to T3 worlds doesn’t take long) is a better selling point in my opinion. The excitement seeing the additional colors was real, and part of what influenced my purchase decision.


Exos can be t3 if I remember correctly. And if not t3 I know for sure t4 which really doesn’t take long either. But then again I was on besevrona when I was lvl 17 so I suppose I’m not one to know what takes long and doesn’t.


Could we add Gleam Bow Exos to the voting poll…maybe people can re-vote if they wish.


They can, and they are still 50 blinksecs out. I was on Till early, too, but more death than not. lol. Wore out a few iron hammers mining.
I have not found a pattern to how to find the closest planet to an exo. It seems to be luck, so I quit looking. Nor do I want to check the forum every time one appears to have someone tell me where to go. (I get told where to go often enough as is. :wink: )


Nice idea, really would love to hunt for gleambows again :slight_smile:


Definitely not always that far away. Depending on the tier depends on the range thus also depends what planets it spawns near(as well as region I’d imagine i.e. usw AUS etc)


I think exo gleambows would be awesome! I wouldn’t change the t7 meteors because they add a reason to hunt on those planets. But there’s really no reason to hunt a t5 or t6 exo since you can just do the same thing on a permanent planet without the cost. Could see hunting parties separating into Oort collectors and color hunters. I basically don’t use the lower tier exos for anything currently unless it happens to have a color I want. What if we could go to these worlds with color being the main goal. An abundance of one but a chance for any.


30 seems to be the closest. Maybe 28 once. I tried jumping regions on several of them, but I couldn’t work it out that way, either. I also tried jumping to the planets that appeared between the exo and me on any given world, and it would be farther away, which makes no sense at all. lol
Oh well. A topic for another thread somewhere. :slight_smile: If they are going to be exos, then the exos need to be readily accessible.


Exos are not max-level content. Colus Te was 12 blinksecs.


One of the features that was on the list for WHY Exo worlds exist was as a way to bring back events. Obviously the events would be on worlds all could get to… I’ve talked to James a few times about using those worlds to have a quarterly return of the events because not everyone can always make it during the exact event.


I want halloween exo!!! Lanterns everywhere and skull masks!!!


Figures that would be the one I never saw.


^ this for the sake everyone’s stanity its best to keep the event’s 100% neutral that way everyone can get behind without starting a possible $#@ show


just make em really rare and available all the time.


T3-4 Exos sometimes with rainbow meteors would be awesome. Youd see some big spawns because only world with gleambow


I want an Emo Exo with black gleam, black wood, and red foliage.


So far, almost two thirds of voters would like to see gleambows at least 4 times a year!

@james something to consider, perhaps?

Not a large amount of voters as yet, will see how it pans out!


If farming doesn’t allow us to dye gleam, then I would definitely like to see the event back more regularly.

Exo idea is interesting, that would help avoid disruptions to normal hunts. My worry is you’d always have people racing each other on a small exo planet. Someone is screaming “That’s the point!” right now, but my enjoyment of the event went up 10x when they let solo people trigger meteors and essentially race the clock, rather than other players.

They could probably stand to drop a few more gleam too.