Bring back Gleambows! (yet another poll included!)


The gleambow event, once they were able to be triggered solo, was probably the most consistently fun thing I’ve done in Boundless!

I enjoy the game overall, but everything else (for me) is a balance between grind, fun and end result, at various amounts of each.

Rushing to the Gleambow attempting to get there before the timer ran out and then trying to complete them was all fun and reward, of course there were some disappointments (not getting there in time, failing), but even not getting gleam was still rewarding.

I know we wouldn’t want them all the time, as it takes a bit of special off, but I think it should be a regular thing, I think maybe for 2 weeks every quarter would be a good balance.

What do you think?

  • Don’t care, have them as often as you want, but I’m not interested
  • Hate them, never sully my skies with those rainbow tails again
  • Once a year is fine, I want it to be special
  • Twice a year works for me
  • Quarterly is good (that’s 4 times a year, FYI)
  • Bring them on, monthly would be amazing!
  • No limits, I want them to be able to pop at any time

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I will vote one week or weekend a month… agreed, they were a blast and it is great to get the different colors. Want it to be special still but not a huge bummer if you have to miss it. And monthly might give a few of the more casual players some incentive to check in and play.


Once a year in June. Pride month.:rainbow_flag:

I LOVED the event!!! But Not the whole month, but maybe for a week or two. They’re kind of a bummer to see falling when you’re out in a 20+ group on T6 planets hunting the almighty oort stones…that I may, or may not have an addiction to… hahaha!


I really wanted to chose more than one answer btw


What answers did you want to choose?

How did you see more than one choice working?


Because there might be that off chance time I want to do them lol


Gleambow were great fun and would love to see more of them but a fair bit of work for small amount of blocks.
Defintely enjoying exo worlds more… new worlds to explore, usually with a load of new colours, for a greater variety of objects, and in far greater quantities of course.


Heh, well, I’m kinda glad I made it single choice!

Make a decision people :grin:


I wouldn’t mind them being there all the time, but only if they are rare (like 1 in 50 spawned meteorites, maybe 1 in 30).


Well they’re really not that much different from each other. They both imply dropping all the time.


Just remember to always leave them wanting more.


Just a thought, how about special gleam bow exo worlds. Where regular meteors don’t spawn, only the Gleambow ones. That way they would not interrupt standard meteor hunts. It would keep the Gleam bow meteors as a rarity also.


I guess you could interpret it like that, but as it was about how often people wanted them to happen saying ‘I don’t care’ doesn’t imply you want them dropping all the time.

That’s how I would read it anyway!

Not that it really matters, good to hear everyone opinions :+1:


That’s an interesting thought!

Dunno if they could make it work, in terms of programming, but I think it would be pretty cool :ok_hand:


It would be a nice option i think, i know during the time the last gleam bow event happen. There was some distress about no one wanting to do regular hunts because the group would split the minute a gleam bow would fall. Having a dedicated way for people to have special gleam bow specific hunts and regular hunts with out them interrupting each other would be a nice touch I feel. @james would this be a possibility? Could this even be accomplished in the game? Gleam Bow exo worlds…


I think it being a saint patty day event is fine.


I love this… I’ll amend my vote to one weekend a month but then every other week in June. :slight_smile:

Edit: Love @Ratchel’s idea too, Gleambow exos would be awesome! :smiley:


Can I just say…



While I can respect the view and attraction to this idea, I don’t think it is smart to bring this type of polarizing real world topic into Boundless. In fairness and respect to everyone of all types of beliefs and values that people have we shouldn’t be linking these things.

Also, just because someone doesn’t feel we should be linking the Boundless gleambow event to a real life event does not make them a homophobe. Many people are more than capable to respect a person’s choice to how they live their life but approach the topic differently.


I think people are forgetting the gold ore that was dropped in the gleambow meteorite chest, making this a St.Patricks day event. Maybe next pride month the meteors just have rainbow tails, but leave the altered meteor drops unique to the gleambow event? It kind of feels weird to have a holiday event duplicated a few months later for a solid month long event.