BTGTG Player Auction 8pm UTC

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You’ll have to show up and see who bids first.

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@Sterbehilfe I’m best at digging holes


you had me until this four syllable word that i don’t quite understand

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We can have a secret word that means “if you don’t behave yourself you’re going to be in so much trouble”

That should help.

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But I’m best at being bad!

sigh you can be a good girl for one hour. I believe in you.

I cant be online at the time of the auction, so if you want to auction me and I can fulfill it on Sunday, sure.

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You’re getting auctioned, my girl.

  • helps if you say it in a creepy Cockney accent

My (nearly… Partially) scouse one will have the same effect.


i’ll also volunteer


I probably regret that but count me in :joy:

Is there limits on what you can do?

There are no limits (except things that are against CoC)


Examples could be:

  • Mining
  • Farming
  • Building
  • Hanging out
  • Get them to map a planet :stuck_out_tongue:

**Though it is an hour worth of something :smiley:

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@Bethlehem are we doing it tho if you have them do a task that you provide the materials to do it?
Example…mine, you give them the hammer and whatever else you’d want them to use(starberry pie, brew, atlas).

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So basically I could throw a party and force people to come to it? Hmm :thinking:


Yeah so if you want them to get rid of a mountain you give them the hammers, starberrys etc.

Guess I’m in as well if I make it there instead of falling asleep…

One question tho, is the auction for the ‘player’ or for the player’s specific ‘character’?
Like somebody orders me to mine gems for an hour, but the character that was at the auction is not specced for mining/going on high tier planets so it dies on the planet due to lack of atmo protection.
Is it allowed to order to bring an alt character that I have for that job, or am I stuck with that one character for the hour?

If you’ve gots the coin, I guess anything is possible…this is Boundless after all

It’s for the player, switching alts is fine if the skill set is more appropriate and the bidder doesn’t have a problem with that.