Buff and debuff tooltips

Could we please get some tool tips or at least a tab in the character menu that shows a description of all the buffs and debuffs currently on us. Thank you!


+1 on that (the tab would be great). Tooltips were suggested before but to remind them seems to be a good idea :wink:

Tooltip ‘probably’ wont happen unless something has changed recently with the design ethos, as they’re trying to keep a single interface across PC & PS4, so tooltips are out.

A tab that details current buff information like a description and more remaining durations / death XP to work off etc would be great.

Further down the line, offering a Lua plugin interface like many other MMO style games offer and led users make the interface they want. Unless, of course, the goal of the current interface is to deliberately obscure number and stats. Then they probably shouldn’t.