Buff forging xp, maybe


This is my xp (with pie) from forging 9 rank 290+ hammers for mining. I’m curious if this is viewed as “too low”, “just enough”, or “too much”?


I didn’t think you get xp from forging…hmmm

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That’s because it’s too tiny to even notice it’s there… :smirk:

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with the fact forging is becoming the main focus of progressing in the game i would say that is waaay to low.


I remember my disappointment long ago when I saw how much xp forging gives.

Not sure what kind of logic is behind this, and why so little complaining there have been about it (comparing to some xp-change ‘crusades’ in the past).

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It’d be nice to get some xp when deconstructing too, to kinda offset the frustration of rng

Way to low for the time it takes and the frustration you get sometimes.

Crafting all the forging ingredients that you burn through gives reasonable XP at least. So your forger will be getting plenty of XP that way.

The real lackluster leveling activities are surface gathering and farming. And I made the mistake of making one character a specialist gatherer/farmer! Takes him months to get through one teaching pie, lol


I thought t pie was time gated now

You may not get a lot of XP for doing the actual forging, but a lot of current forging does imbue most tools being forged with a significant increase in the amount of XP that it can generate (whether that be because it’s more durable, hits harder and so has to hit less, is AoE, or a combination of those).

As such, I personally view forging as an intermediary step (like making refined rock on the way to decorative). Combine that with what wakeNbake has mentioned about XP from crafting ingredients for forging, I don’t think it needs more.

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No time limit on it as far as I know, it just lasts until a set amount of XP is gained.

Months may have been a bit of an exaggeration anyway, lol.

I mean I guess there is a trade off because what you lack in xp you make up for in coin and better gear but lets say youre a guild forger and basically you just forge for the guild with their mats then i guess it might be an issue but then again you volunteer for that so. Id still like more xp though.

Now farmer that is rough. only get xp for harvesting no planting no fertilizing no tilling xp and the droughts ok not that bad but you know what i mean lol.

Yeah, I can see the merits for maybe having low forging xp returns because of the xp from crafting mats, but… what if you don’t craft the forging mats? Forging still takes a bit of time at the 28+ rounds level, I feel like it should still be more xp per tool due to time and costs required

I have a pure forger character, was lvl 19 in september 2018 still at this lvl in october 2019. I forged a bit. So yeah its too low.


Yeah maybe it should, but then again what do you need the experience for? You only need to be lvl 18 to have all the forging skills.

I do understand people like more levels in order to get more cubits in order to get more plots… but frankly I couldn’t think of a more frustrating method of earning those levels, forging can be hell at times right. But then you do get very well rewarded for the time you invest into it in other ways (income, better tools, etc).

My forger is lvl 95 now, not a super high level but enough for him to have 2 useful skill pages so I am happy. He crafts his own materials and crafts his tools and weapons that he forges. And every now and then I might get him to turn a bunch of rock into stone for brick/marble making,etc. Or compact some coals or gems. All he really needs is the masscraft epic and it’s simple enough to earn some experience.

As I say, my one grouch is at the lack of exp rewarded for farming and surface gathering. But I suppose the exact same points could be argued there. I ended up eventually removing some skills and getting the masscraft epic just so I could get some exp into the farmer/gatherer for a second skill page (crafting).

All activities requiring time should be rewarded with xp, and this activity isn’t really rewarded at all. It needs some buff imo

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Fair point. I certainly wouldn’t be upset if I got given more xp for something I’m already doing.