[BUG] Bombs changing color before going off


Not sure if this affects all bombs, but when using a gem-based healing bomb, the bomb projectile changes color if you quickly switch to another gem-based tool before its gone off.

The following video better explains what i’m talking about:


This happens to me too. On all bombs, not just gem ones.


I was Farming yesterday and i also noticed this. Golden regen bombs, turned blue or grey before detonation.


The bomb still works properly still tho right?


yes, only a visual bug


I can’t reproduce this in game, but you have provided a video showing it in action, so I’ll add it to the bug database.


Two items needed, put them on the quickbar
First slot: silver bombs (regen if that matters but probably doesn’t)
Second slot: gold hammer
They can be in different hands too, bombs on left, hammer on right, doesn’t matter. The material shouldn’t matter either since it seems to do it regardless, just have to be different from the bombs.

Throw bomb, switch to the other slot with scrollwheel or hotkeys, shouldn’t matter

Result: bomb changes colour


Been there since bomb are ingame.

and if you throw your last bomb in bag and there is none left in a smart stack, it does not trigger any effect(dmg,healing etc)


If I am not mistaken, the same applies for grapples. The last shot grapples nothing and the item just vanishes. Not sure if intended or a bug.


I knkw that has been in the game, to notify you its the last bomb. But these are fresh bags. I was using golden, and topaz regen bombs, they turned blue way before detonation nearly as fast as they hit the ground.

I don’t notice health bombs changing color moving to fast, or theres to many people, but i have to throw3 or 4 of them before they work very harsh on the durability of the bombs.