Bug: Camera switches to 3rd person view on death

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Upon death, my camera view is changed to the third person view where the camera is in front of my character looking at his face and doesn’t reset to my original view when I died until I press the ‘M’ key.


How many times have you seen this occur? Would you be able to provide a video showing this if possible?


So far, it has happened every time that I die. I’ll see if I can capture something this evening after I get off work.


Everytime I’ve died I’ve had this same issue will screenshot it when I die next


Have you restarted the game since you started having the issue? It went away for me after a restart and I haven’t had it since. I have seen another thread about this same bug though.


Here I took a little video… kind you grappling had nothing to do with the view I was trying to avoid the shots and you will see…
Just copy and paste this to google… I’m using my phone and had trouble getting an actual link you could have clicked…


I have also encountered this: it occurs every single death—but only on my alts, weirdly enough.


I thought it was odd - it only happens on my alt!


Same here, although not always, and I have no idea what triggers it…


Happens to me as well. It is dang annoying.


Same for me on alt


Newp, it happened to my main character last night as well. I guess I just hadn’t died on him recently enough to notice.


Been happening to me today… when you respawn into the sanctum you are in 3rd person looking back at yourself.