[BUG] Defect Transmute Solvent Broken

Defect Transmute Solvent wont change the defect on the 2nd defect slot at any mean.
Have tried with different gums and no gum, still doesnt work.

What boons and defects did the tool have? And what item were you forging?

I suspect that there was nothing else to transmute it to, many of the boons and defects exclude other effects, full list here http://www.pfiffel.com/bl/forge/ so it could be possible that there just was nothing left to possibly change it to? Or was it something else.

I lock it down with longrevity and effect boons, then I got Stamina and Projectile speed as 2nd slot - which cant be changed with or without gum being applied.
Tried sometimes and can always reproduce this bug.

Could you list the specific tools and ingredients you were using that enabled you to reproduce this?

I have only encountered it when forging Emerald Grapple.
My forge desk is : Corrupt compound 1 / Boon removal / Defect transmute / Gums / Vigour Catalyst 2 / Stabilizer patse / Deconstuct 3 and setting.

If you get the reel speed (effect) and both longevity boons, there’s only two defects left that can go on the grapple. What could the defect transmute transmute the defect to? Maybe the forge shouldn’t allow transmutes in this case to be used?

You are right !! I totally forgot about both Boon and Defect of the same type cant be happened !
So thats the right answer !

Where is this table from BTW?

I learned something new today. That makes sence tho.

The link in my post above

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Huh, I use that site a lot to check for damages and stuff, but never clicked on this one, haha, thanks!

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