Bug: Instant Death World Spawn

I was exploring worlds before picking which would be my home away from home. When I entered Kohe I was spawned in far above the platform, gravity didn’t seem to like this and it got angry. Instantly fell my doom.

Yeah, you gotta watch that landing on Kohe.

Is this the one where you spawn over a platform/city built in the middle of a lake?
If so then I’ve ALWAYS spawned midair about 100 blocks up to fall to my death
I’ve come to assume that it’s intentional and players on that server are antisocial and don’t want visitors
though I can never remember the name of that server so I’ve died there over two dozen times
(and now that we don’t spawn with anything I fear going to other worlds because of that one)

That would be the one. I hadn’t considered the fact that players might have altered it that way on purpose. I’ll just steer clear for now as I am quite happy with my little corner of Lapas.

Whether that’s a bug or not I think the devs should take a look at this, if it is a bug then we can fix it, if it’s intentional then someone has exploited the game in a way that prevents access to an entire world. You can see the problem with that I’m sure, especially if this occurs in other worlds.

Thanks guys! We will look into this.

I assume it was just a glitch in the world setup–it’s been that way since I got into the game. There are plenty of worlds where the default arrival point is on precarious perches or in trees.

For those of you who have this issue, does this occur after setting a home location on the problematic world in question?

My home location was set in Lapas at the time. I had been world hopping to see what each US-East world looked like, so for me it happened teleporting from Keuehok (near its zone in location) to Kohe.

Did you set a home location on Kohe previously when the problem occurred?

No. My only home location has been on Lapas

You can set a home per world, you know. It’s not restricted to only one world :wink:

Could you get a screenshot on Kohe where this occurs if possible? Also, turn on the debug info as well to show the coordinates.

Lapas Shoutout! ^^

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waves goodbye to inventory Here I come Kohe!

That was teleporting from my home on a hill in Lapas to Kohe.

A fix has been pushed today which should fix the issue that you’re having.