Bug: on ps4, search bar opens without being instructed to


Actually, it activates the mic connection when you plug it in too.

Message flashes up on screen saying you now have an external mic connected, whether the chatpad is connect via Bluetooth or not.

Not that makes any difference to what’s happening here, but, you know, just for correctness!


Alright, I thought it was an addon to the controller and uses the same bluetooth connection to save battery.


TBH, that’s what I assumed too, until I got one!

I guess running 2 items of just the controller battery would mean the battery didn’t last so long? Have to charge more often?

Meh, minor details anyway.

Just happy that the bug is being looked at!


Also run into this problem. Glad im not the only one. Something weird happened to me once though. After typing in the chatbox with crafting window open my character bugged out and started moving on his own after exiting the machine. Had to shut boundless down to fix but couldn’t reproduce it when i logged back in