Bug: on ps4, search bar opens without being instructed to


Awkward for me to describe, and i don’t think screen shots help.

If I’m on a machines ‘content’ tab and press r2 to quick move an item, then press l1 to move to ‘recipes’ tab, it automatically opens the search bar keyboard, as if I pressed r2 again on the new screen.

It does this even if I press direction pad in-between pressing r2 and l1.

It also does it if I press r2 on contents page, then r1 twice to tab to recipes page.

I have noticed it recalls the r2 press in other situations and opens the search bar input, where it’s not been pressed on the screen with the search function on it, but it’s even more awkward to describe those!


Yup I have the same issues


the same thing happens to me, also from ps4


Yeah with me too (ps4) but I wasn’t sure if this was a bug or not


I would say it was, if something is opening in the UI without me instructing it to, I’d say that wasn’t working as intended?

Not a big issue, but still a bug I think!


Yep many an occasion that this happens.

Also fun, try to open chat and type with an actual keyboard on PS4 when the Knowledge tab is open. It closes the chat mid sentence and opens the search bar…

Also the down arrow key which normally in all the UI parts goes to the first element now it seemingly goes to a random one tho I think it’s using the fake mouse pointer as a reference.

All in all search is very handy to have. But out of 100 times I open a dialog with a search bar I only need it one time. The other 99 times I don’t need it but it’s making doing ordinaey things much slower.

Like when I grab mats to craft something I opened machine, pressed L2 to show the able to craft items and was quickly at the item I wanted to click. Now I can’t do anything on automatic which means I just scroll down and down and down…

Needs some more love to make it all nice!


Happens to me all the time


Oof, this has been brutal. Thought I was pushing R2 all this time


Yes its very annoying


I figured out that it only happens if the cursor lands on the text entry field when you open the menu. It’s so annoying.


Thanks for the reports everyone, it’s been added to the bug database.

To clarify, by actual keyboard did you mean a computer keyboard plugged into the PS4 itself as opposed to one plugged into the PS4 controller?


Ohh i thought i must be inadvertently pressing something… I get this often!
Also PS4 of course


Bluetooth or USB keyboard, yes.

Not sure where one would plug a keyboard into on the controller tho.
Do know there are chat pads you can hook up to them but they then still use Bluetooth I thought and present themselves as a keyboard to the PS4.


Probably meant these


And those don’t plug into anything on the controller AFAIK…


They don’t even get power from it? o.O Seems… weird


Nope… They don’t connect to it besides being attached to them.


They have a 3.5mm jack connection for the mic, but don’t take power or anything, have to be charged sperately.

You can see it in the bottom left pic.

And they connect via Bluetooth, just like the controller itself.

Can be used without attaching to the controller (I use one of these!)


And the connection to the headphones connector is only to keep it in place…


These things are so useless :laughing: i got one before my normal keyboard and it never stays connected. Gave it up as a bad job and just bought a proper one!