Bug removed me from my guild

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I got on today and have been removed from all guilds including my personal one, I rejoined and can’t get ownership back. My helix have been deactivated as well, having been activated last night before I logged off. Please help this is the second time this has happened. I said screw it and made a new guild last this happened. Which can be a huge pain.
My guild is “Guild Of Immortals”
Secondary guild was “WhisperGlade Hollow”

Thanks in advanced

-Le_Immortal PS4

I have the same problem… I hope they get that fixed.

This is the second time its happened. Never heard back the first time so I made a new guild… and now its happened again!! I think this is a great game, so I really hope they’re able to fix this, just imagine if one of the big guilds get impacted by this, entire hubs could shut-down

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May help to advise the name of your guild and guilds you got removed from.

Guild tag and guild name for example so that can have a chance to look into it

Ah, yes thank you for the advice, I have updated the ticket

Any update guys???

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