(Bug report) False Price memory when setting up new Request baskets

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I just noticed this in the latest build of the game (once gleambow launched a few days ago I mean). Yesterday I went to setup some request baskets and I was on the coin page because that was where I was last on the one I setup previously. It was falsely showing that I could set prices for the same thing I set on the one I setup before it. When I tried to set the prices it acted like it took the number but then would reset again. I was able to repeat this error three times (I was only setting up four baskets at the time).

I didn’t loose anything, and once I actually put an object in the request section I was able to set prices normally. So I guess this is mostly just a graphical UI bug. It has been a month or so since I setup baskets and I don’t remember seeing it before.

Sorry if this has already been reported, I did search some and didn’t see anyone mentioning this glitch.

Aaaah this explains how yesterday i randomly placed one of my baskets to save money in it only to find it had the option for me to price beans (which i didnt place inside). Even in the item page the item slot was empty.

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I had an issue with baskets yesterday as well in that the pricing list wouldn’t show up for most natural blocks:

If I understand the posts correctly, if some totems were placed in the request baskets before being replaced by stones, does that mean they will still show totems for the Coin tab instead of stones?

I can’t speak for the others, but in my case:

I set a price for some iron bars in basket #1, when I went to basket #2 it offered me to set prices for the Metal bars just like I could in basket #1. When I attempt to set a price for one of those categories (in basket #2) though, it doesn’t actually let me. If I go back to the request tab of basket #2 the slot for the requested item is empty so I fill it with what I wanted to request (lets say gold alloy), and the basket functions as normal.

Then I open basket #3 and it now shows alloys in the coin tab, but again doesn’t actually let me set prices until I go back to the request tab and set an item in it (because the slot is still blank). All baskets started empty, and had been placed just a few days before the gleambow update, but had not been setup with anything in them yet.

I don’t know that my error is even related to the others who are having difficulty requesting natural blocks, but since both are related to request baskets perhaps they are both symptoms of a single or compounded root cause.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve added this to the bug database. Somehow, the item information is not being cleared from the other request basket.

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