Bug Report (transparent areas)

Since the past update, (not chisel but before that one) I seem to have developed xray vison in a particular area in Sedatars, since i’ve been using up a lot of time building I dont really know if it is happening in others places or worlds. what I do know is that at least one more player can see this strange hole in the ground (or more exact, in the sand)

it had a child D:

Sorry about not getting back earlier, been a bit busy, the coords are -1103, 69, -1549 in Sedatars thats standing on the middle of the two “holes”

Thanks for the report. Can you let’s us know the coordinates? Press . to get the info.

I have an issue like this as well, except it’s while mining if I don’t mine on that exact level, the ground stays see-through(only in a specific area)

Same problem on Vaisier. Unlike prior rendering issues, these are curiously regular.

The light-blue rectangles are actually see-through (unrendered) surfaces. I can walk on them–but it makes me nervous. :grimacing:

One more on Vaisier–these are all very close to each other.

As EliteCynder noted, mining changes the manifestation of the bug. I started digging next to one of the visual glitches and it went away on the surface, but reappeared deeper.

This is under the left rectangular glitch seen in my second picture and in the 1st picture of my most previous message.

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LOL, And I thought there was “the end of the world” because I was digging in a deep hole and then the stone under my feet just dissapeared :scream:

The floor will reappear if you mine it too though, so don’t worry :wink:

And eventually you’ll hit another transparency, which means the terror can last! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Happens every layer, my friend ;V

This should be fixed in v110 (v109 should be out later today).