[BUG] See-through "crack" in the voxel geometry of the world

I just chiseled this corner the wrong way from what I wanted by accident and noticed this:


I will leave this as it is so it can be investigated, please see the debug info above for the coordinates of this specific block.

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What world is this located on?

Stop! Don’t tell @vdragon! We need to find this ourselves! Maybe it’s an infinite portal to the titans!

I believe they live on Kol Huroo

@vdragon I found one on circa.

The TNT hub has a portal to here.

I had a glowing line in one of my farms for months. It seemed to clean itself up.

Sorry, somehow forgot to include something so simple; this is on Antar VI.

I have also started noticing this on a few natural locations, actually.

Is this ‘crack’ somewhere underground?

Yeah, I saw you around and thought you’d found it and were investigating something else. I’ll go to the location.