[BUG][SUGGESTION] ignoreCase on Guildbooks


I don’t post very often here but I came across a minor minor bug and have a suggested fix that may be super easy.

In programming every letter has a code to it which sets a value to every letter, symbol, or even a space. I know in programming to keep things uniform ignoreCase; can be used where you ignore the case of all letters when displayed. We already do it here in game with names above the head, but in the guild book, it seems it auto sorts automatically by alphabet. But after “Z” it starts back over at “a” with lower case names.

Is there a way to get this fixed so it auto sorts with AaBbCc style names rather than ABCabc style?


I took a screenshot of two of our members with all lowercase names, but it does raise the issue, if the guild book separates the names by upper vs. lower – but I can’t create a name with “DAZED” or “DaZeD” or anything like that so it reserves all the variations to the one name I think it would be easy to just use ignoreCase; for it.

I hope this helps.



I agree, it is like that in our friends list too and adds unnecessary time and confusion

Thanks for the screenshots. I can add these to the bug database for someone to look into.