[Bug] Testing 224 - Fluid Texture

When placing Primordial Resin over Water, the textures merge awkwardly. I will continue to test this issue with other fluids.

The texture issue can be seen at -1866N 783E on Dand.

Taken from underneath and underwater:

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Happens horizontally as well, and this also appears to happen whenever two liquids are in contact and the player is in one of the fluids.

Petrolim and Water, Primordial Resin and Water (horizontal):

While inside Resin:

I’m also unsure if liquids flowing through signs was intended:

The resin certainly does look sticky! I dig it!

petrolim could be a bit lighter - its so dark one can hardly see fluid animation

when looked from a bit of distance it looks like a dark rock

Yeah, I got that impression too. The new water actually looks phenomenal in my opinion. It’s almost transparent, but reflections are still there, and they lightened the color, so it shows contrast better

wait hang on u can actually paint water? O_O and lava? O_O

No, there are new liquids, Primordial Resin, and Petrolim.

oh ok :smiley: lol

Thanks for the screenshots and reports. Looks like there’s two bugs here, with one showing Z-fighting issues and the other showing liquids flowing through signs. I’ll add these to the database.

This seems to happen also with doors and some other objects.
In current live version natural water is flowing only if door is open, is it intended that (placeable) water flows thru closed doors (and most of other objects)?

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Looking at the screenshots, it would make sense for the doors with no holes to let water through.

Iron and copper doors have no holes tho.

Quantum tunneling! :smiley:

Forgot to add that yes, the doors with no holes should not let water though, so this has been added to the database.

Quantum Leap :sweat_smile:

Whoa, blast from the past!

I hope we can block flow of placeable water with solid doors, It would make rice farming much nicer :slight_smile:
With new rules of liquid flowing thru objects could this cause problems with existing builds on live world?

You wouldn’t want to block the flow of water when harvesting, as this affects the drop stats

I’ve seen a few farms block water with basic gleam doors, but it makes sense those would let water through so I kind of like it.

But how does a door know if it’s open or closed, it’s just two rotations of it, it has no concept of open/closed. And I don’t think the engine supports water flowing only from one side, but I’m happy if it does.

I didn’t think of that, but makes complete sense as those values change at once when plant properties are matching. Still while planting crops it would be useful option, :slight_smile:

Currently game blocks (natural) water flowing thru when flow path is blocked with right rotation of door, I think it is just collision check.