[BUG] Wear and Tear displaying as a defect

Recently forged this spanner with Wear and Tear, Buzzy bee and Heavy Duty, as well as energy expender defect.

As you can see, next to the “wear removed” and “forge effect” the text is displayed as purple, indicating that the bonus from Wear and Tear is a defect, when infact it should be orange as it is infact a boon.

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I thought those were always purple because it’s removing dmg on the machine. If it was adding health to the machine I’d think it wouldn’t be purple but as how I thought it worked was removing damage not adding health

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Its referring to the amount of wear taken OFF machines, meaning the more wear taken off, the better the machines are.

Still it’s subtracting not adding. So to me makes sense it’s purple. Again I thought it was always purple but I could be wrong.

Since repairing is technically doing negative damage, wear removed is technically reduced damage done.

Yeah, I never really liked Math either.

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Was this the forge effect you had on the spanner?

I can confirm the tooltip number is purple with the boon version of that trait, no defects since I only used pure boon.

If im not mistaken, according to this list there is both a boon and a defect called “Wear and Tear” One makes you do more repair, one makes you do less.

This was the boon I had:

And this is what its effect looks like:

On a different topic: does anyone want a terribly forged iron spanner?

Thanks for the screenshots showing the information. I’ll add this to the database for someone to look into.