Bug with Dropping Liquid in Buckets

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With Death666 in game, found a bug with Dropping buckets of X and just getting a Bucket in return. No X liquid.

If you drag the bucket out of the inventory however it stays. Is this intentional?

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H5X42_S7x8


in the same way you can use x to unload a weapon/totem of it’s augment, you can use x to empty a bucket of it’s liquid so you can use it for something else… so i guess the real bug is that it’s dropping and emptying the buck at the same time where it should empty 1st then drop with another press. >.>



Isee interesting knowledge lol


TIL: How to empty out a bucket. I needed that before… thanks! :laughing:


Wait… what?! Oh that is cool. See I should read the forums more often.

Sorry about the bug, but I didn’t even know you could do this. :wink:


It shouldn’t do both like that so nothing to be sorry about. The mechanic should be better communicated too… there is probably a tip about it but those are super easy to miss. It would be nice if there was a contextual control prompt about it when you mouse over something that can be emptied along with the other control hints at the bottom of the UI. It would also be nice if the unload and empty were on separate keys… or maybe a warning that you are about to dump you potentially valuable water/milk on the ground!