Bugged meteor on dalas

Submitted log about 15 min ago

Ran into a meteor.
Died. Respawned.

Meteor was still there. Nobody else within hundreds of meters.

Died. Respawned.

Meteor still there.

Died. Respawned.

Meteor still there.

I was only able to end the meteor by running away while alive.

At any point did you make sure to have the Meteor Life buff first? Normally gained by killing at least one mob from the meteor?


I had it. Don’t have to kill a mob.
If I didn’t have it I wouldn’t get the pop up for moving too far away

The Boundless gods were trying to bless you with Oort. Way to respect the Ancient Oortians…

P.S. Where’s dalas?


But seriously

Accessible from boori

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DALUS VI to be precise :wink:

If you say so. :wink: haha

Did you experience this more than once, whether it’s on the same world or another world?

You mean with a different meteor? Nope. Just that one. But I usually avoid them so I can’t really say. I didn’t bother trying to recreate the bug. I did submit a log though.

Ah okay, just the once then. I wasn’t able to reproduce it so far, hence the reason for asking if it happened more than once.

Let us know if you do encounter the issue again, whether it’s a normal meteor or during the Gleambow Racing event.