[BUILD ADVICE] Diagonals, Layers, and Different Colours

Ello … I’ve been a bit quiet of late, as too much socialising makes my brain ache … anyway, thought I’d see if anyone has solutions for this:

Basically, where that brick is I would prefer it to be glass, to give me a nice window but keep within the pattern I’ve made.

Have I basically just made too much of a rod for my own back here? Or is it actually possible to have the nice, slim, pattern, and windows, without making a ■■■■■■■ mess of it like this:


Anyway, I’d prefer not to have another pattern, but I’m thinking that’s my only option. :weary:

(none of this is a slight at the game … I’m just being narky)

[edit] Am trying out hexagons … it would marry some of the other house detail … :woman_shrugging:

Meh … it’s fine … but it’s not fine … y’know?


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IF liquid (resin, petrolim or lava) would suit those gaps, you could make it seamless with no bleeding over of colours



I’ve not heard of using liquid in walls, that sounds brilliant!

I’ll look into it, cheers, @Ovis!!


It is doable to make a window in the pattern but… it does mean you will have to make the wall 1 block fatter.

I have done it in (no longer existing) builds. Basically you chisel the opening in the brick to match the pattern and behind the brick you place the window.

But like i said it does mean you’re wall is going to be 1 block fatter.

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Yeah, cheers, @Tmmk, I’ve already got (essentially) a 2 block thick wall, so going to 3 is a nono. Thanks, though. :+1: :slight_smile:

Yeah, Initially it was both blocks down to half so I could have “wallpaper” inside … but now I’ve made a bloody pattern that I like I’ve gone and screwed myself. XD

I’ll figure it out, though, somehow! Maybe with that liquid!

Ooh … maybe lava between glass panes, I could try something with that …

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Do keep in mind lava and organic blocks don’t mix :wink: but yes lave also provides free light :grin:

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Have used alot of it in my Lamblis build (Terra Nova)

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Glass isn’t organic, though, is it?

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No blocks like wood, ice, leafs and products made from them. This also includes plants.

Lava affects the block next to it. Both source and flow.

Basically if you block the source/flow your good but the block next/under will always be effected if not blocked correctly.


Orange is your lava source/flow block.
Red is the effected block next to it.
So if you let the lava flow down the effected area goes down with it and you can’t use organics there.

So if you where to replace the brick for example with lava the timber could burn away.


So, are you saying that glass won’t work since it’s organic?

Just checking …

Also … wanted to test stuff out … and much lolz … NO LIQUID IN NEW BEACONS … FFS! :crazy_face:

Well, at least my theory about putting lava in glass to make it look like one of the many dragons in the game are breathing fire has some weight to it!

Despite being formed from organic silty soil, glass contains lava. HURRAH!
(but organics the other side of the glass will die)

Huh … looks like silty soil isn’t counted in the organic stakes! :slight_smile:

This is cool, though, hope this doesn’t get “fixed” … using a half block it still fills a whole block!

which gives the opportunity (if you used a better coloured glass than mine :smirk:) to basically make a nice lava wall!

All of which is not much use to me as I’m trying to keep the build relatively muted up top. … but could come in handy down the line.



You could use a lot of different red/orange full glass blocks and put the occational lava block in the middle. The glow would do really awesome things with some chiseling.

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Glass isn’t considered “organic” :wink: sorry missed it :wink: my bad. Just products made from the mentioned items like wood trellis, leaf trellis, wood chest,

Mentioned mats

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Or you might want to try to do some chisel-magic
… this game has almost endless possibilities :+1: :wink:


Cheers, folks!

So, like I say, I’m trying to keep this as muted as possible (save the purple hints from the juicy berries) as I’m not going to have the display part of this house be a part of the rainbow world that is Oortian culture. :wink:

That being said, I will be playing with the lavaglass (ooh, literal lavalamps!), and will play with lava chiselling. :smirk: (aka instagib! :laughing: )

Oh! … Yeah! … @Odeon, you have given me an idea! I didn’t want the brick on show within the frame. HOWEVER. The glass looked * super * rubbish on the other side … So your secondary chisel has allowed me to consider inside frames! This way, the outside just looks like an extension of the chisel, and the inside is framed, too!

Will start playing with it now :slight_smile: :trophy: