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Hiya … just wondered if anyone has some pointers where to put the 29 skill points that I’ve got sitting around doing naffink … I’m trying to make my character a decent builder and crafter.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

I’m not too interested in placing or chiseling blocks super fast because then I just make a ton of mistakes, so I can probably save points there.

As always, I’m not asking with any expectation or entitlement towards an answer, but thought I’d chance the question. :slight_smile:

well, crafting is kinda special, you do need to choose which crafting area to max out, unless you don’t want to make any of the ‘best’ items, like pies for food crafting, mega brews for brew crafting, lucents for weapon/tool crafting ect.

I’d just do a second skill page for building tbh tho, that’s what I have for my crafter. Crafting also gives you a lot of xp so it’s not too hard to level him past 50 for that.

speaking of crafting… I find it best to have all crafting and forging pages on 1 character (you could probably fit a builder in it as well) and pages like harvester, hunter, dodge bomb player, shoveller… etc on alts
a bit off topic, but something to plan for, so you won’t have to split crafting on to 2 or more alts
reason for it is convenience - same inventory, character is always at home base (free skill swaps)


Light epic. Its epic.


Much to think about. :slight_smile: